Fleetwood Mac at Toyota Center, 6/5/2013

Photos by Jim Bricker
Fleetwood Mac
Toyota Center
June 5, 2013

A few things occurred to me as a spectator at Wednesday Night's Fleetwood Mac show at Toyota Center:

  • They are not in the touring game for a paycheck;
  • This band has a ton of mutual respect for one another, and for good reason; and
  • All of us could really take some good inspiration from this group, whether we are musicians or not.

In short, if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac, see this band while you can. It will be worth every penny.

Watching Fleetwood Mac play, the first thing that is abundantly clear is that they really believe in their work and stand behind what they have produced, and with good reason. Their songs are timeless in a way that a new listener would have no idea if they were written in 1974 or next year, in 2014. The lyrics are so transcendent that any human who has ever been in any kind of interpersonal relationship (dare I say, all of us) can relate on some level. I especially loved watching kids who had come with their parents bang out every lyric to every song, even moreso than their elder chaperones.

The band opened their set with "Second Hand News," and joy filled the arena. They played a grouping of other classics ("The Chain," "Dreams," "Rhiannon") before hitting several songs from their esoteric album Tusk¸ when Lindsey Buckingham -- who shall now forever be known in my mind as one of the most underrated rock guitarists of the 21st century, but more on that later -- talked about how Tusk's artistry has only been further appreciated through the years.

These bandmates don't need to tour. They don't need the money or the fame. They want to tour and share their music, because they believe in it, and they admire one another.

This brings us to the band itself.

The entire show is chock-full of mutual admiration from all angles, and anyone in the crowd that knew anything about Fleetwood Mac's intense and sordid past could tell that this was genuine love. And as a spectator, it was clear to see why each member holds the others in such high regard.

John McVie, a founding member, is a talented bass player whom Mick Fleetwood (the other co-founder) refers to as "Our secret weapon, the backbone of the group." Mick himself is a ridiculous drummer; at 65 years old, his playing is the band's hard-hitting heartbeat. He is hilarious and giggly and quintessentially British, like a wild dog in the best way possible. His drum solo during "World Turning" felt like it could have literally turned the planet.

For those who are only acquainted with Lindsey Buckingham through Bill Hader's curiously inaccurate (although extremely hilarious) SNL impersonation, Buckingham is impossibly impassioned, spirited, and invested. Fleetwood refers to Buckingham as the "mentor" of the group, and the audience can see how he is the arteries that allow the blood and life to flow into the collection.

He also gets down and dirty in his singing, and his guitar work is insane. On "The Chain," "Big Love," and his on-and-on (in the good way) solo during "I'm So Afraid," it was easy to see his seamless transitions between rock and classical picking. Watching him perform live was eye-opening.

And then there is the incomparable Stevie Nicks, your gypsy. She just is who she is. Who else can pull off top hats and multiple cape/shawl changes? And she makes you want to be her, but you can't because there can only be one Stevie. Fleetwood called her "our lady, our poet." And she just sounded SO Stevie, even still, after all these years.

"Rhiannon" was a great example. Her range wasn't quite what it used to be, but for some reason, it was totally okay. She saved high notes for when they were really needed, and she didn't go for the very high octaves as in days gone by. But her voice was just so textured and uniquely beautiful, that as a fan, the current melodic approaches made even more sense (and were even more appreciated) because of the layer of history that sat so perfectly below her smoky alto.

My favorite part of the show was when Nicks sang unaccompanied the three simple words "snow covered hills" at the end of "Landslide." Those three words were perfect and unblemished; because only Stevie could do them like Stevie.

Stevie and Lindsey together are still magical. They obviously love one another so much, but it's a different sort of love than in the 70s. It's happily evolved into a love full of respect and admiration. It's a grown-up love. When they sang then ending of "Rhiannon" together, it was so clear: "Dreams unwind, love's a state of mind." It is. This is still love, but it's a different state of mind.

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eric.locicero I completely agree. I had to drive from San Antonio to Houston straight after work at 4:30. Then right after the concert I had to drive back to San Antonio since I had to be at work the next morning. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Instead of playing both Dallas and Houston, it would be nice if they would play one of those big cities, and then San Antonio also. I get tired of bands always skipping S.A. for Houston and/or Dallas.

As for the concert itself, it was great, however, since this was my first time seeing Fleetwood Mac live, I found Stevie Nicks performance lacking. Don't get me wrong, I love Stevie, and her vocals were great, but from what I have seen on the Fleetwood Mac live DVD's, I was expecting more spark and energy from her. The other members, especially Lindsay, appeared to be very energetic. Myself and my family that went to the concert both agreed that she appeared to be tired and kind of 'going through the motions'. I'm not sure if her age is catching up to her, maybe she is on some medications that make her drowsy, or she is just tired because it's close to the end of the tour. Did anyone else notice this also?


I for one DID miss Christine McVie. Ever hear her sing Temporary One? Or Save Me or Northern Star?


they were awesome.... I want to jump on a plane and go see them again in Cleveland 6/15, my old stomping grounds for concerts. They were that good. great review Selena


Nice review. My wife & mom were in awe at how the band put their heart & soul into the performance.


Love the review.

I have long maintained that Lindsey Buckingham should be much more highly regarded when speaking about guitarists. The man's playing is amazing, the term virtuoso comes to mind. And how many bands, classic or otherwise, deliver in person what is heard in vinyl or CD form? Fleetwood Mac has consistently delivered in all it's incarnations, from the Peter Greene years to present day.  They are the once and future magic. Come to think of it, maybe we should all start wearing top hats, and long, flowing scarves!

Summer Joy Davis
Summer Joy Davis

Excellent review. Last night was bliss and now I'm kicking myself for leaving early and missing "Silver Springs." And I did in fact miss Ms. McVie simply for my love of "Songbird" but it was still one of the all time best shows; my first and hopefully not my last FM show. I've seen two legends this week, Iggy Pop and FM. They're certainly showing these younger kids how it's done, aren't they?


Great Review...I get soooo tired of great bands playing in a city as big as Houston on a week night. Long drive for an out of towner. 

MadMac topcommenter

This was fun to read, Ms. Dieringer, a first-class review.

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