Free Press Summer Fest: Saturday's Best Acts, 6/1/2013

Photo by Jim Bricker
Alabama Shakes
I went into this expecting to enjoy the set by Alabama Shakes, but I didn't realize how it was going to set the tone for the rest of my day. I arrived under the overbearing sun, and struggled to catch glimpses of Japandroids. Festival frustrations threatened to make a bad scene.

But then patches of grass opened, seats were taken and the Shakes took the stage. Lead singer Brittany Howard has just a unique command over her audience; you will not be let down. It was quite possibly the mellowest vibe to be found in all of Eleanor Tinsley Park. It ranked up there with Iggy-induced Beatlemania and Jenny Lewis's boobs. APRIL BREM PATRICK

Photo by Marc Brubaker
Chin Xaou Ti Won
Walking away from a sloppy but decent enough Japandroids set, it was a different duo that won the day for me. Call me a sucker for atmosphere, but I love when musicians like CXTW can create an interesting atmosphere. At times during their set it felt like I was about to go to battle in a video game, other times like I had stumbled upon a little slice of heaven, and one time it felt like I was watching a man fighting a gong (mostly because he was).

It was also a nice reminder that sometimes it pays to slow down and check out the small bands and small stages, rather than race off to go cool off in a tent see someone at the bigger stages. CORY GARCIA

Calvin Harris
I am an achy mess of old bones this morning, thanks to Calvin Harris' closing set on the Mars stage. I'd been torn between watching Harris or the Postal Service, and aside from the creaking sound that I make with every move, I'm really glad that Harris won because it was freakin' awesome. The crowd had an insane energy, especially given that we were out in the sun all damn day yesterday, and we managed to sneak our way down to the front of the crowd to watch both Harris and the sea of people bounce and scream like fools, glowsticks shining like overgrown fireflies.

It was impossible not to get sucked in, especially given that Harris played all of his current radio hits. Even if you were too cool to dance, the crowd sucked you in and carried you along for the ride. It was great energy. Oh, and I'd like to say that American Fangs, who played earlier in the day, were equally badass. ANGELICA LEICHT

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Eleanor Tinsley Park

500 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX

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Luis Amora
Luis Amora

Postal Service did a fantastic set..

Scott R. Furtwengler
Scott R. Furtwengler

Iggy & the Stooges KILLED! A fantastic second-place was The Alabama Shakes.


At 65, when Iggy Pop and his geratric Stooges came out to Raw Power, he proved what a hall of fame rock star is all about - no synth, no backing tapes, all drive and amazing unaltered vocals, bass, guitar, sax and drums (give the drummer credit 68, looking 85, in this heat 50 minute set no breaks, no water).  

Iggy owned the crowd - as was expemplified by waving his hands like a hypnotist and having the whole crowd drawn in.. I can not believe it took me this long to see Iggy Pop, and now that I did, I never ever should see a show again - they will all be a disappointment.

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