Five of the Messiest Rapper/Radio-Station Beefs

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Photo by Marco Torres
Nicki Minaj at Toyota Center, April 2011
Last week, Nicki Minaj decided to go to famous New York radio station Hot 97 to hash out and hopefully squash her year-long beef with Peter Rosenberg, a personality at the station. The dispute started over a comment Rosenberg had made at the station's annual Summer Jam concert last year, which caused Minaj to pull out of her performance.

Egos will always be an issue in the music industry, but it seems to be most prevalent among the more outspoken radio personalities. With those egos comes beef with artists, who often have even bigger egos and bank accounts. Some of the squabbles end in DJs being fired and/or artists banned from the station. Here's a look at a few of hip-hop's messiest, most legendary radio-station beefs:

5. Mistah FAB vs. 106 KMEL
In 2008, hyphy rapper Mistah FAB had issues with Bay Area radio station 106 KMEL. According to, Mister FAB revealed he had personal conflicts with the station's program director Stacy Cunningham and radio personality Big Von. When hyphy was at its height in '08, FAB was banned from KMEL despite being featured on the hit song by Snoop Dogg (now Lion) and Too Short, "Life of the Party." Something about a song with Snoop and Too Short not being played on the radio in Cali doesn't seem right.

4. Hot 97's Wendy Williams of Hot 97 vs. almost everyone in the industry
Before Wendy Williams became a daytime talk-show queen, she was one of the messiest and most controversial radio personalities to hit the airwaves. Her interviews struck nerves and got under the skin of many artists and celebs alike. She was known for drama.

One artist in particular Williams upset was Method Man in 2006. She revealed that his wife had cancer on-air, something that clearly should have been kept private. See his reaction here:

3. Star of Power 105.1 vs. the late Aaliyah/Damon Dash
Star was a radio personality who was one-half of the "Star and Buc Wild Show" on New York's Power 105.1. In 2001, Star decided to air a joke mocking the death of R&B singer Aaliyah shortly after she died in a plane crash, playing an audio clip of a woman screaming followed by a crash-like noise. This tasteless, tacky stunt got Star suspended, despised even more and in hot water with Aaliyah's grieving former boyfriend Damon Dash.

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