Chuck Negron: "I Would Love to Sing Harmonies With Those Guys One More Time"

L-R: Three Dog Night's Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells on a 1975 NBC-TV special
When Chuck Negron comes to the Stafford Centre tonight at part of the "Happy Together" '60s-music package tour, he says it will remind him of his Houston connection and how important the state of Texas was to the success of his former band, Three Dog Night.

"We broke out in Texas," recalls Negron. "Our version of 'Try a Little Tenderness' broke in Dallas and then Houston [in 1969]. And Texas was the first spot we got to tour and play big places.

"The first stadium we ever played and sold out was the Cotton Bowl, so Texas holds a very dear place in my heart," he adds. "We felt like stars in Texas, and then we went home and to other places where we hadn't had any big success yet."

Closer to the Bayou City, Negron says he used to visit his mother who worked as a secretary to the Vice President of the Arabian Oil Company based in Houston.

"I went out once to meet her in August...and I said, 'I'll never come back here again!'" Negron laughs about his experience with the climate. "But she lived there for three years."


Chuck Negron: Estranged Three Dog Night Voice Keeps Singing "Joy to the World"

The band that was to become Three Dog Night was formed in 1967 by vocalists Danny Hutton and Cory Wells, who then invited Negron to join. The three then hired a four-man backing group and between the late '60s and mid-'70s racked up 21 Top 40 hits, 13 gold albums, and played to massive audiences.

The hits included "Joy to the World," "One," "An Old Fashioned Love Song," "Try a Little Tenderness," "Black & White," "Celebrate," "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)," "Pieces of April," "Easy to Be Hard," and many more. All are collected on the CD The Complete Hit Singles.

Three Dog Night was one of the most commercially successful rock acts of the '70s, and yet because the members didn't write their own material, was looked down upon by the rock cognoscenti.

But no one could argue with their choice of material. Whether covers of songs done by other artists or unreleased tracks, they introduced audiences to the work of songwriters like Randy Newman, Paul Williams, Laura Nyro, Leo Sayer, Hoyt Axton and even Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

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Chuck was on my show yes..  I asked him some hard questions about TDN and I feel he answered very honestly.  I came away from that interview thinking that although Cory and Danny may be able to forgive Chuck, they may not be able to forget.  I did speak with Three Dog Nights management and they seemed very short and to the point that they did NOT want to speak about reuniting with Chuck.  As I told Chuck very honestly, we as fans MISS the 3 Guys very much.  Time is moving on and we want to see and hear them again.  I only hope they get back and do some shows before "time" takes away that chance...  Dino Maddalone "ASK DINO SHOW"

MadMac topcommenter

Considering--by his own admission--a habit spanning three decades, I bet there's a little more to the animosity than jelousy. A lot of folks follow their 12 steps, get clean and sober, then expect the rest of the world to forgive/forget their actions. Some of us forgive, forget, and still don't want anything to do with mom/dad/sibling/spouse/friend. You can't unring a bell and you can't unburn a bridge.

MadMac topcommenter

So which are you, a door mat or an abuser?

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