5 Rappers Who Can Take Paula Deen's Spot on Food Network

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Screengrab via Youtube.com.
Paula Deen has gotten herself into some down home, southern deep shit. Last week it was exposed that she is okay with using the derogatory n-word and that was just one of the offensive things she said in a deposition. Last Friday she issued a struggle apology video that no one wanted to give a chance.

Deen has lost huge endorsements and Food Network decided not to renew the contract for her cooking show. Here are a few rappers who can take her spot.


5. Trick Daddy
Miami's own was first seen cooking on television on an episode of MTV Cribs. America was welcomed into his home as he cooked and introduced some of us to what a conch fritter is. Trick Daddy also filmed a pilot for a cooking show in 2004 for MTV that never happened.


4. Mia X
This southern belle hails from New Orleans where almost everything from the kitchen is incredible. No Limit Records's first lady was once a co-owner of a restaurant in New Orleans. She also announced last year that she plans to release a cookbook/memoir featuring life lessons with delicious recipes attached. If you need visuals now just check the Twitter hashtag #TeamWhipThemPots to see what Mia X is serving up.

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Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith

I didn't like Paula Deen from way back. She's always sticking her hands in everything, and she leaves those rings on. It freaks me out. Racism is no surprise, actually. I prejudged that she probably says all kinds of racist things. Turns out I was right. Anyway, she has funky rings and poor hygiene. That's the real crime. She grosses me out, and I've been known to eat off the floor, on occasion.

Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez

Someone with sane cooking experiences and advice should take over the time slot; seeing as the US is in the middle of an obesity epidemic and all.

David Norelid
David Norelid

Hell yes, you had me at Trick Daddy. Trick love the kids. In this case, it's the braised young goat he's loving.

Kay Lowell
Kay Lowell

I don't listen to rap much, but I hope none of their lyrics has the "n" word in them.


Very clever and creative thinking. Mixed emotions about the Paula Deen situation. Glad you were able to make light of it with the Cooking Rappers! Love it!

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