Z-Ro the Emo: His Most Passionate Songs, Part 2

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In the second installment of Z-ro's most emotional songs, we'll take a glance back at some more of his woes with women, money and friends. Who else do we know that can sing so beautifully about feelings and give mean looks that can shake your soul?

No one knows the blues like Z-Ro, and his voice sings the harmonies of his hurt.

5. "Do Bad On My Own": On the Heroin album, Z-Ro uses the chorus from Trae's "No Help" to explain why he doesn't need the ones who weren't there for him in hard times.

It's one cup, one sweet 'cause it's Z-ro only

Forever lonely I don't need no phony homies all up on me

4. "Lonely": Ro tackles breakup issues and baby-mama drama on this song from his Crack album.

Ain't nothin important to me except codeine over ice now

I used to be a one-woman man

But I can't see myself with a wife now

3. "T.H.U.G. (True Hero Under God)": A Luther Vandross sample helps Z-Ro reflect on trouble with the law and being judged.

No wonder why my head down, I be thinking too hard

And be smoking like a tail pipe, and drinking too hard



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this half of the list contains 3 of my 5 favorite 'Ro songs.  stronger than purple Sprite

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