Top 10 Musical Guests On TV's Martin

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Martin was one of the funniest television sitcoms of the '90s. We all tuned in on Thursday nights to see what would go down with Martin, his girlfriend-turned-wife Gina and their group of friends' nonstop hilarious antics.

But besides the numerous amounts of characters played by Martin Lawrence himself, Martin featured many musical guest stars on the show. Here's a look back on ten of the best.

10. "Ain't that About a Ditch," Tone-Loc
Gina's mother visits Martin while Gina is away on business. After Martin sneaks out to go to a nightclub run by Tone-Loc, Gina's best friend Pam decides to bring Gina's mother out to the same club. Avoiding his future mother-in-law, Martin hides behind the "Wild Thing" rapper.

9. "Go Tell it on the Mountain," Bebe and Cece Winans
This episode features Bebe and Cece Winans as guests on Martin's television talk show for a Christmas fundraiser, when a suicidal man dressed as Santa threatens the entire studio with a fake bomb he had strapped to his body.

8. "Woman with a Past," Keith Washington
This episode shows Martin's insecurities when Gina's ex-boyfriend, R&B crooner Keith Washington, comes back into the picture to perform a duet of "The Closer I Get to You" with her. Martin gets upset and performs his own little number for her.

7. "All the Players Came," OutKast
This episode features OutKast performing at a fundraiser Martin put together to save a neighborhood theater. Who doesn't love '90s OutKast?

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Rudy Martinez
Rudy Martinez

Thank you for this, I'm now shopping ebay for the seasons :-|


Thanks for taking us back to these great episodes of Martin's musical guest! After all these years, the reruns are classic!

MadMac topcommenter

I'd forgotten the OutKast epi. Fun stuff, CG.


Two glaring omissions:

1) Jodeci and Martin storming their set during the legendary Varnell Hill episode

2) Brian McKnight's cameo for the proposal in the park

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