The Lonely Island's "I Fucked My Aunt": NSFW, But Over the Line?

Photos by Autumn de Wilde
If you would have heard the names Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone or Akiva Schaffer six years ago, you probably wouldn't have known who they were. Now the trio has become famous through a combination of their work on Saturday Night Live, their 2007 full-length film Hot Rod, and their mock-rap group The Lonely Island.

It's that same rap group that's finally gone a step too far with their new single, "I Fucked My Aunt," featuring T-Pain.

The song, off the Island's upcoming third album, The Wack Album, starts off with Taccone musing, "Damn, I fucked my aunt.../ I can't believe I fucked my aunt.../ I fucked my aunt, y'all," before jumping straight into the first verse. There, he talks about growing up in the country, summers with fireworks and baseball before saying, "five years later, I fucked my aunt."

The same goes with Schaffer and Samberg in the second and third verses, respectively. Schaffer talks about a spending a rainy day with his aunt before divulging that they had sex 12 years later, while Samberg talks about his eighteenth birthday - a day in which he kills an ant with his junk just before hopping between the sheets with his aunt.

However, unlike other Lonely Island songs, "I Fucked My Aunt" has no real plot, rhyme or reason. Furthermore, it's not entertaining, and definitely not funny.

Instead, each verse delivers a past memory from an unnamed narrator (or narrators - it's never clear) that has no relation to the song title. If anything, "I Fucked My Aunt" seems to be shocking for the sake of being just that.

Or maybe we've just got it all wrong.

Most of The Lonely Island's songs have been featured on Saturday Night Live as a "Digital Short." There the satire is more obvious, and it allows for Samberg, Taccone and Schaffer to present the joke exactly how they imagine it visually. But now that the three have left the show (Samberg was a cast member who left in 2012, while Taccone and Schaffer were writers), they've lost that connection to their audience in moments like this.

Of course, this isn't their first song about sex with family members.

In 2011, The Lonely Island released the track, "Motherlover," with guest vocals from Justin Timberlake. But unlike the incestuous "I Fucked My Aunt," "Motherlover" was about two friends, er, servicing each other's mother.

Certainly, not every Lonely Island song will be as easily digested as the band's hits "Like a Boss" or "We Like Sportz." But at this point, it seems that trio needs to be reminded of what made them successful -- their ability to write catchy songs that push the envelope without completely jumping overboard.

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Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia

Blink 182 fucked a dog in the ass. Who cares about their aunts...

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