The Chronic: 10 Musicians With Ongoing Illnesses

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Art by Marissa Paternoster
When they hit the stage and do what they do, it's easy to forget that our musical heroes are basically just talented, driven and very lucky human beings. They're flesh, blood, bone and the right type of grey matter, all formed into a singular unit designed to delight us all with their extraordinary gifts.

Because they're sculpted from basically the same Play-Doh as you and me, they too are prone to illness. Like chronic disease sufferers everywhere, these people beat back their ailments daily to continue pursuing their passions.

It's not a new phenomenon. Since Beethoven began noticing his own hearing loss (and even before that), musicians have set aside their own maladies to continue entertaining us. The list is long and includes superstars like Elvis Presley (back pain/migraines), Pete Townshend (tinnitus) and Patti LaBelle (type 2 diabetes).

Following are ten artists who are presently active and actively battling chronic diseases. Some are just beginning their careers and must endure symptoms as they tour and try to win new fans. Others are better known and are using their celebrity to bring attention and advocacy to their illnesses.

10. Seal (lupus)
The international soul singer doesn't suffer from systemic lupus, but the facial scars he bears are related to discoid lupus, a chronic form of the disease that manifests as skin disorders and hair loss. He's brought awareness to the autoimmune illness simply by way of curious fans Googling "how did Seal get those scars?" He's currently working on his ninth studio album.

9. Marissa Paternoster (chronic joint pain)
Paternoster is the front woman and guitar-shredder for the burgeoning indie rock trio, Screaming Females. Her band has had to cancel tour dates since she acquired debilitating joint pain following a bout with mononucleosis. Paternoster was so frustrated with her pain she took to chronicling her troubles in a series of cartoon sketches, which she shared with fans on the band's blog.

She's learning to deal with her condition. She recently thanked Slinger Straps, which manufactures custom guitar straps to alleviate back and neck pain, on the band's Facebook page. The group is resuming tour activity, too, including a June 2 date at Austin's Chaos in Tejas.

8. Willie Nelson (carpal tunnel syndrome)
Carpal tunnel syndrome's associated hand and wrist pains can occur from repeated motions. How many motions are repeated in a songwriting and guitar-playing career that's lasted 73 years? The Red Headed Stranger has been writing songs since he was seven, started playing in bands at age ten, built a legendary career and had finally had surgery for his nagging wrist pains just within the last decade.

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7. (tinnitus)
The Black Eyed Peas mastermind declared some years ago the reason he's so productive is he's using music to drown out the ever-present ringing in his ears. He's joined the ranks of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and others who've acquired the condition over the years. One misconception is tinnitus is caused solely from prolonged periods of exposure to loud sounds. It can also develop from ear infections, nasal allergies and neurological disorders.

6. Jeff Tweedy (chronic migraine disorder)
Tweedy hasn't let migraines deter Wilco's festival and road schedule. Whether he's in pain or not, expect him to be front and center of his band on a few dozen dates supporting Bob Dylan this summer. A few years ago, Tweedy wrote about being one of 30 million Americans with chronic migraine headaches for a New York Times piece.

"There are a lot of different ways migraines have affected my music, and vice versa: being a musician has allowed me -- for lack of a better phrase -- to rise above the pain from time to time," wrote Tweedy. "I've never missed a show because of a migraine. But I've played some really horrible shows and cut them short because there was very little I could do to keep going."

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I LOVE PRINCE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!  Seeing all those album covers made me go back to my childhood days

Joshua Macala
Joshua Macala

Wow, I have most of these things. Maybe I should've been a musician.

Missy Jane
Missy Jane

Knowing Nick Jonas is also a Type 1 Diabetic helped my youngest cope with her diagnosis. I'm glad these performers are open about their ailments.

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