UPDATED: Tera Melos, TTNG and LIMB at Fitzgerald's, 5/16/2013

But even though TTNG proved to be a hard act to follow, Tera Melos took the stage and solidified their spot atop an impeccable lineup.

The Sacramento-based trio, currently touring in support of their fifth and most recent release, X'ed Out, are doing what many bands today aren't - bending music norms and actually having fun while doing it.

Before the band even started, they set up three mascots - a stuffed Bart Simpson atop bassist Nathan Latona's amp, a Freddie Krueger scarecrow on singer and guitarist Nick Reinhart's amp, as well as "Hot Dog Man," who sat in the middle of the stage, directly in front of John Clardy's drum kit.

"We thought Hot Dog Man would get you guys ready to party," explained Reinhart, after the band opened with "Tropic Lame."

Truthfully, Tera Melos didn't need anything to excite the crowd. They were already on board.

The group then jumped straight into "New Chlorine" and "Weird Circles," both from their latest release. And while other bands in the math-rock genre tend to lean more towards prog-rock, Tera Melos seems to take more influence from punk and shoegaze (think Hüsker Dü).

But even though Tera Melos has a different approach to their own genre, there's a reason why they are respected as math-rock's seasoned veterans of sorts.

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lol. no no no, not jeff wilson. thats former bteot bass player james templeton.

chris.gray moderator editor

@jussoyaknow Right. It's been corrected. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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