Five Bands Who Could Replace The Roots On Late Night

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Seth Meyers
This past Sunday, NBC announced that Seth Meyers will officially take over as the host of Late Night, when Jimmy Fallon succeeds Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in early 2014. But with Meyers set to inherit a show with a tradition of turning talk-show hosts into late-night greats (David Letterman and Conan O'Brien precede Fallon), the real question is, who will take over for The Roots?

It might seem like a silly question, but historically speaking, The Roots are the first real band to ever be asked to become a house band. Not only that, but the critically acclaimed group has garnered just as much (if not more) success as Fallon, and often times share the spotlight with both the host and the show's guests.

While Meyers has yet to say whom his house band will be -- or if there will indeed be one at all -- Rocks Off is already brainstorming names for who could possibly replace one of the coolest house bands in late-night history.

5. OK Go
Though OK Go is mainly known for their ability to dance on treadmills, the group is actually pretty talented, and they could make for a fun house band. While it's unlikely that many guests would be willing to jump on a moving piece of workout machinery, OK Go seem like the kind of band that would be willing (and able) to do things for their host.

It also doesn't hurt that the group is old enough to have a reputation, but young enough that younger audiences will recognize them. If Meyers is looking for a well-dressed alternative-rock band that can write pop and funk-infused hits without sounding run-of-the-mill, OK Go is an obvious choice.

4. Broken Social Scene
Though Broken Social Scene is a bit of a stretch, this Canadian supergroup has the flexibility and talent necessary to hold both an extended jam-band session and an audience's attention night after night. Broken Social Scene has roughly 25 members in its revolving-door lineup, including Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Emily Haines, Leslie Feist and Jason Collett.

Certainly, the group is larger than The Roots, but even if the membership plays a few people at a time, they have the capability and muscle-power to orchestrate a fuller sound, with the added bonus of putting a few ladies on a late-night stage.

3. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
Hailing straight out of Austin, Texas, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears know how to play soulful, funky rock and roll. On top of that, front man Lewis just knows how to have a damn good time when he's onstage.

The only thing working against them, of course, is that they're the least-known group on the list. However, if Meyers is looking for someone who can keep up with the vibe and tempo that The Roots have set, the Honeybears would make an excellent choice.

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Potential causation there mate. Maybe the obscure acts only became big because he played them on his show?

Christian Raul Saldivar
Christian Raul Saldivar

That dude isnt even funny. What happened to the ARENSIO HALL taking his spot rumors?? dayum.


The better question is, will Seth do what Fallon did before him by bringing on obscure musical acts before they really, really become big?

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