Rapper to Rapper: Fat Tony and The Niceguys' Easy Yves Saint

Fat Tony: You know what? That's probably the hardest thing an artist or any kind of creative person faces, is just getting people to pay attention to you. No matter how good you are, if nobody's listening, it doesn't matter.

I have an album coming out in June, it's my first time doing a retail album in stores and all that shit so I'm in a whole other fight now. When my fight at first was to just get people to listen. Now I'm trying to get people to listen and pay for it.

Yves: Is this the album Smart Ass Black Boy?

Fat Tony: That's right.

Yves: Yea the thing that I've noticed about you is that people definitely pay attention to you. They are paying attention to you.

Fat Tony, "I Shine":

Fat Tony: To a certain extent, yeah.

Yves: Yeah, the thing is now people fuck with you and it's "put your money where your mouth is" type shit. It's all mental.

Fat Tony: Especially come from a world where most of the music we put out is free. Even if it is for sale, most cats are going to find a way to get it for free. Those numbers matter to certain people, like if you're not selling at least a couple thousand it's like you're nothing.

Yves: Yeah, people can always get music for free but they can't bootleg your shows they gotta go to the shows. That's why people need to get back to focusing on shows. The fans gotta be there for that and they have to pay. I want to focus more on that just getting people to come out to get something they can't get anywhere else.

Fat Tony: It's all about having a whole look, a great show, great presence and good music.

Yves: You gotta bring bitches out to the shows too. Tony, you never talk about any bitches, I seen your videos.

Fat Tony: Aw man, I'm a lover not a fighter (laughs). Lots of videos now kind of show women in a bad perspective. It's all about throwing hella money at them and pouring drinks on them, even though I poured wine on some girls in my video before. I want to try to show the more real life stuff girls do in my videos now, you know us hanging out and having fun. the real shit you know?

Yves: I'm gonna let every female decide who she is to me. I'm going to call it how I see it now.

Fat Tony: Yeah, I'm with you on that. So what do you think of the popularity of the term "trill"?

Yves: I'm from a proud place in New York and I stand by if you're from somewhere, then be from that place. When I hear the word "trill" so much I think about Port Arthur, the people, and they're very proud of where they're from.

When people refer to "trill" without even connecting and tracing it back to Port Arthur, it bothers me. Even a song like "Big Pimpin" -- that's one of the biggest rap hits ever, and people still don't know where Port Arthur is. They're singing along saying "P.A.T." and still don't know where it's at.

Fat Tony: The main thing that bothers me about the overuse of "Trill" is how corny it can become. I just can't stand corny, trendy and hype-beasty people taking good a good thing and running with it.

That's one of the most hype-beasted words in the past couple years, and it just kind of takes off the meaning of it. It makes the people using it look corny after so many people have made it famous years ago, but it really makes the original people look bad. A random kid might not know that "Trill" is a UGK thing or even a Texas thing. You know?

Yves: I'll put it this way: "Trill" is the meaning of where it all started. For something to last, like that stories will be passed along, and if you're not properly educated on it people will make up they're own meaning of it. This makes it more diluted and watered-down, which is crazy.

The fact of the matter is I've been to P.A., and I can't exactly describe the meaning but since I've been there I know what they're talking about. It's in the air in P.A. that "We don't fuck with you until we fuck with you" [feeling] and I like that. It's so many people running around saying it without knowing where it's from, and now it's becoming annoying.

Fat Tony: I feel you.

Yves: I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.

Fat Tony: That's what we're here to do, speak our minds. That's what "trill" means standing for what we believe in.

Yves: I like how that just came to full circle.

Fat Tony: Man I'm excited about your new project Clockwork, and I'm also excited about my album dropping in June. We need to keep in touch.

Yves: Yes, we definitely have work to do.

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I think people pay attention to Tony because he's actually good oO

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