Rapper to Rapper: Fat Tony and The Niceguys' Easy Yves Saint

Fat Tony: What about food spots in Houston? I thought we'd talk about that. You know the first thing that came to mind was the Reggae Hut off Alameda, and the first dish that came to mind was the Jerk Chicken salad. You ever had that?

Yves: Man, I have to be real with you. I used to be really big on eating out and I know jerk chicken. It's delicious, jerk chicken has no choice but to be delicious. I used to go to Reggae Hut back in the day. Now my thing is health food, I eat My Fit Foods pretty much every day.

Fat Tony: My Fit Foods? Damn, I used to work there (laughs). I used to work there for like three years.

Yves: Yeah, that's all I eat now is fiber and health foods. It makes me feel like my energy is off the chain.

Fat Tony: Yeah, I think as a young person we're at the right age to start looking after our bodies. You know, eating right and treating ourselves better.

Yves: And you know I drink like an animal (laughs) so you know I gotta do something to balance it out.

Fat Tony: Word, you gotta balance out all that Jack Daniel's.

Yves: Yes, gotta have that balance, so I eat right and try to run as much as possible. Back to Reggae Hut: is it still delicious? Is that what you're saying?

Fat Tony: It's still delicious. It's still way too expensive and all that. I just wish I could have real Jamaican food at real Jamaican prices. I don't want to be treated like I'm some yuppie trying exotic food for the first time. I know good food and good prices, and I don't wanna be bullshitted.

Yves: Yeah, I know what you're talking about, because around the way in Queens -- like near 165th; I forget exactly where -- but right after school I used to go to this Jamaican spot.

Those prices you're talking about, this is where you're going to get it for the prices that are reasonable. I'm talking the cocoa bread and all that. You know they don't even have seats you gotta take everything to go.

Fat Tony: Yeah man, I'm looking forward to this solo project from you. I see that you're eating good and attacking tracks and shit. i can tell that your mind is totally focused for it.

Yves: Man, Tony, I'm gonna be real with you: I'm focused, man. You know what? I'm frustrated, I'm angry, I'm a lot of things. I just feel like I'm being ignored and I don't like that shit.

I'm going to be honest: if I walk in a room right now and I walk in with a $50,000 chain, $1,000 shoes, I smell good, I have a haircut and I got two bitches on my arm and if people act like they don't see me... that only means they're really acting like they don't see me.

Fat Tony: (laughs)

Yves: It's like c'mon man, stop acting like you don't see me.

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I think people pay attention to Tony because he's actually good oO

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