Rapper to Rapper: Fat Tony and The Niceguys' Easy Yves Saint

Fat Tony
Houston is home to many talented rappers, and one of the most appreciated things about local hip-hop is the unity among peers. But another great thing is that, after living in Houston for a while, the Southern hospitality engulfs you so much it becomes a second home.

Queens-born and raised Easy Yves Saint, MC of popular local crew the Niceguys, can attest to this. Recently he and Houston native Fat Tony, both of whom have new projects dropping this summer, sat down together to discuss a few things they like, a few things they don't, and what they have been working on lately.

Easy Yves Saint, "NY2PA":

Fat Tony: What's good? I heard the new track this morning, I hear you're working on a solo mixtape. Tell me a little bit about it.

Yves: You know what it is when we have The Niceguys shit going on, and you've seen us individually and we are all individuals. So when you have four individuals in a group it's only natural that we have individual pursuits.

That's going to make the team stronger anyway. I want to take my individuality a little further with this tape Clockwork and explore some topics that I wouldn't necessarily want the whole Niceguys team to take responsibility for.

Fat Tony: So it's kind of a chance to be as raw as you want to be and spit more than anything?

Yves: Yea the thing is that I'm always labeled as the voice and the rapper of the group and I'd like to cover topics that we all can relate to, that we all been through and that we all dealt with. I also want to explore more production.

Fat Tony: Who do have on there as far as production?

Yves: Right now I have S1.

Fat Tony: Awesome

Yves: Of course Free, TJ umm I got Al B Dee. I also have Rockaway, you know Chris Rockaway?

Fat Tony: Of course that's the homie. Crazy white man (laughs).

Yves (laughs): Yeah, I'm really all over the place with production and I'm loving it.

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I think people pay attention to Tony because he's actually good oO

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