Nas' Biggest Fan Lives In Houston, With the Tattoos to Prove It

Photos by Marco Torres
Luisa Diaz and Nas
Think about your favorite musician for a minute. Do you remember the first time you heard his or her voice? Can you relate each album or song to a different stage or major occurrence in your life?

How many times have you seen him or her (or them) in concert, let alone met and engaged them in conversation? Can you recite lyrics off the top of your head and explain their meaning as if your life depended on it? Are you a true fan?

Luisa Diaz is a die-hard admirer of a certain Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, the New York City rapper known simply as Nas. She can not only answer "yes" to all of those questions, but also permanently carries that admiration on her skin. We spoke to this young lady and asked her about the origin of her fanaticism, her tattoos, and her favorite Nas songs.

Rocks Off: When did you fall in love with rap and music in general?

Luisa Diaz: Well, my parents and I are from Mexico, so I grew up listening to mostly music in Spanish. Lots of Vicente Fernandez, Los Bukis, Selena, and La Mafia were played at home. But one day, when I was a my cousin's house, I heard my first rap song: "Cramping My Style" by UGK off the Too Hard To Swallow album.

I can truly say that song changed my life. The combination of the smooth beat, the female lyricist, and Bun B... it was just so fascinating to me.

RO: That's... awesome! You should catch up with Bun B and let him know.

LD: I did, once! He probably doesn't remember, but I told him the story and then I rapped his whole verse back to him. I felt so awkward, but he was nice about it.

RO: What was the first Nas song that you remember hearing?

LD: "The World Is Yours" from his first album. It was at a house party and I was immediately hooked. I think I said "Who. Is. This?!" out loud. To which my cousin replied "that's Nas. He's really good."

So because I'm a big nerd, I went to the library to find out more about him and became obsessed. There was a notebook that I carried which had handwritten lyrics of all of his songs. I would spend hours writing and rewriting his rhymes.

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Thirty years from now her grandchildren will be charging friends '50 cent' to see granny.


I am a HUGE Nas fan too and a nerd. Haha.  But I think this chic is a bigger fan. And She looks good ... :)


don't sleep on Nastradamus, the EPMD / Let the Funk Flow nod, the lyrics of the single aren't bad at all, it was the first rap video in 3D as well..."now lounge homeboy you in the Godly zone..."

Shoot Em' Up on the other hand, I cannot account for at all, even the Premier track on the album hand no direction.

I respect the fact that this person is riding for what she loves, fellas check the rap snobbery and think of how mad you'd be if everytime you jumped in your girl's ride and she was bumpin' illmatic (intentionally) and could actually appreciate it.

Ruben Jimenez

Houston, Tx


you have the nerve to type it, put your full name on it.


That's pretty legit. I don't know how she's seen him 13 times though. I have a Weezer hat trick, and it ruined them. I can't even stand to listen to their music anymore.


I think he just found her on the street and was like, "heeeeyyy guuuurrrrrl!"


Only a true Nas fan would tattoo "Nastradamus" on their body.


@dermgerm I've seen Jay-Z about 7 times, and Carlos Santana about 15 times. There are some bands that just hit a chord with you (pun intended!).

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