Top Five Totally Legit Porn-Star Music Videos

5. Heather Hunter
Former adult-film actress Heather Hunter entered the business in the late '80s and appeared in movies like Honeywood for porn-industry giant Vivid. She also released mainstream music videos, first focusing on house music during the early '90s and later moving on to work with Kool Keith and Bubba Sparxxx.

4. Lolo Ferrari
Billed as the woman with the "largest breasts in the world," Lolo Ferrari was a jill-of-all-trades before her suspicious death in 2000. She had huge boobs and was a French dancer, sex star and pornographic actress. Oh, and she put out a bunch of pop-music singles, including, "Airbag Generation" and "Set Me Free," which earned her a cult-like following.

3. Barrett Blade
Barrett has been in the porn industry since 1998, introduced to the business by then-girlfriend and (of course) porn star Devon, who did scenes with him. Before he was ever slangin' his stick in the adult film biz, though, he was the bassist and songwriter for a little band called Dial 7.

Dial 7 was legit, with a sort of mellow-rock vibe, and landed a deal with Warner Bros., which released two of the band's albums. Blade's not hurting in his post-music career, either. The guy has racked up a zillion AVN nominations, and his career in the industry is still going strong.

2. Traci Lords
One of the most notorious porn stars of all time, Traci Lords had appeared in more than 100 adult films by the time she turned 18. She appeared in exactly one film after that, 1986's Traci, I Love You.

Lords has since made a massive mainstream name for herself, appearing in a ton of movies throughout her post-porn career. She has also released a ton of music, working with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Brian Lucas and a number of other recognizable dudes. She also had some music on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, which is too awesome. Kitana was badass.

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Well yes...I was the only one writing it, so that would make sense.


Shocked you didn't go with the obvious pick of Ron Jeremy's "Freak Of The Week".


@jonahfalcon1970 Sure thing! Thanks for giving me a reason to use every slang term under the sun for "cock" in my blog. It was hilarious to write.


@bjcaldwell2 You know, it was on my short list, but I was trying to avoid the obvious. That's a good one, though. And it's freakin' Ron Jeremy, so...

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