Top Five Totally Legit Porn-Star Music Videos

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So apparently actor Jonah Falcon is packin' heat in his pants. No, we're not talking about the kind of heat that the NRA and Ted Nugent endorse -- this is not that kind of blog. We mean packing heat in more of a "huge cock" kind of way.

Unfortunately for Falcon, his 13.5 inches of man-meat can be mistaken for the kind of heat you don't want to be packing in the security line at the airport. In July 2012, he was awkwardly frisked TSA-style when airport security mistakenly believed the penis wrapped around his thigh was a different kind of weapon. Whoops.

It wouldn't be the first time Falcon has had awkward run-ins courtesy of his bottle-rocket, though. As the guy known for (unofficially) having the world's largest penis -- the Guinness Book of World Records doesn't tally package sizes, apparently -- the gentleman has spent nearly his entire life contending with his unruly Mini-Me.

Those unfortunate "Is your phallus a gun" inquiries haven't all been in vain, though. Falcon has managed to find fame in his penile situation, thanks in part to the notoriety that comes hand in hand with having a massive dick, but it's not fame in the way one might imagine.

He's defied the obvious, skirting the porn-industry route, and has instead made a name for himself by appearing in the 1999 HBO documentary, Private Dicks: Men Exposed, during which he shocked even the producers with his 13.5 inches of well-hung anatomy. He's also become quite the regular on the talk show circuit, earning him admiration by Howard Stern for his trouser-snake situation.

It's not that the porn industry hasn't come a-callin'. Falcon has fielded offers over the years but resisted, saying it's "not [his] thing," and professing a fear of not landing a legitimate acting role post-porn. He's also afraid of performing on camera; sex on a crowded movie set doesn't appeal to this well-endowed dude.

He's instead taken acting gigs as they come (stop giggling), but he's been passed over for the more obvious roles, including the one he auditioned for on the HBO series Hung, the show about a dude with a freakishly-sized phallus. There's been nothing of substance that's come up -- other than his huge meat thermometer -- of course, so he's struggled with the whole career thing.

Until now, that is. The man who is above doing porn with his giant love-muscle is apparently not above singing about it in a bid for publicity. Hopefully it's not also a bid for a legitimate music career, 'cause I can't with that.

Nevertheless, last week Falcon released a music video he's released for his cock-pop song "It's Too Big," on which he collaborated with New York club-dance musician Adam Barta.

The song, which you can see in the above video, isn't, dare I say, terrible. It's not life-altering or incredibly insightful or something, either. It's just a kitschy pop song about a dude and his giant wang. Nothing more, nothing less. And I suppose if you're not going to use your extra-large member to slay the porn industry, you might as well use it to slay YouTubers' ears, right?

Anyhow, Jonah and his giant peach got me thinking. Although I find it strange that he's not cashing in on his sword by making porn videos, plenty of porn stars have tried to go mainstream by making crummy music just like Falcon has.

And here those porn stars are in a list. Presenting the Top 5 Porn-Star Music Videos. You're welcome.

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Well yes...I was the only one writing it, so that would make sense.


Shocked you didn't go with the obvious pick of Ron Jeremy's "Freak Of The Week".


@jonahfalcon1970 Sure thing! Thanks for giving me a reason to use every slang term under the sun for "cock" in my blog. It was hilarious to write.


@bjcaldwell2 You know, it was on my short list, but I was trying to avoid the obvious. That's a good one, though. And it's freakin' Ron Jeremy, so...

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