How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Music Festival: Actors

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At least Val Kilmer was allegedly working on an upcoming Terrence Malick film at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012.
So Ashton Kutcher allegedly got in a fight at the Stagecoach Music Festival. I know, it's a little mind-boggling, that whole idea. Ashton Kutcher was not only at a country-music festival, but reports say he somehow managed to stay true to his douche-roots and get into a fistfight with a security guard over a chick. I guess it can get more demoralizing than when he made an ass out of himself at the Country Music Awards. I'm borderline impressed with his abilities.

But this blog isn't focusing on good ol' Mr. Kutcher's constant fame-seeking.This is about all of the actor fame-seeking that's been taking over music festivals and stomping them into the ground.

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Thanks to antics like Kutcher's at Stagecoach, the media has stopped focusing on the music and turned instead to celebrities and their behavior at said festivals. Music festivals have become completely about the actors who flock to them, and nothing more. So now, instead of a focus on the music, there's a billion paparazzi roaming around like ants, taking pictures of Mischa Barton's ass cheeks.

Before you call me out on it, yes, I know that this heading for first-world rant territory. A "Dear Unnamed Actor/Actress, please stop attending music festivals solely for the purpose of promoting your crappy sitcoms because you're making a mockery out of them" rant. It's what I do best.

So here's where the problem is, from my vantage point, anyway. I can tell you what Lindsay Lohan was wearing at Coachella this year (a midriff top, which made major headlines). I can also name, off the top of my head, at least ten other actors who were photographed wandering around the California desert, but I'd be hard-pressed to tell you about the antics of any of the artists performing. That's pretty pathetic, considering I write about music stuff on the regular.

Blog after blog has been devoted to the celebrities of Coachella and their festival-fashion mishaps, festival hook-ups, and their drunken antics, but rarely is there a concerted effort to talk about the music.

I don't know if the Stone Roses were a decent act, or even if they were royally pissed about being bumped to make way for Blur, who headlined at the last minute. I had to dig through page after page of nods to the actors spotted at Coachella before I found anything about The xx and their set (which was described as "smoldering," by the way). There's more available on Paris Hilton's ugly headband than there is on Dog Blood. That's mind-blowing to me.

I'm going to claim victim status on my admitted lack of knowledge on the actual music at these festivals, though. I'm being assaulted by headlines about what Lindsay Lohan wore at Coachella rather than what musician threw a tantrum, and which band killed it onstage. There's something completely off about that, considering the festival is purportedly focused on the musicians at hand.

And no, I'm not suggesting that photographing celebrities at a music festival is, in itself, some major crime against music. I mean, they're famous. They're photographed at the grocery store, and that doesn't mean that they're ruining the integrity of the produce aisle. But they're also not going to Kroger and acting like utter asshats, either.

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Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams

In fairness, singers have been invading TV and film for a long time. Occasionally, a singer does a good job with a role, but they mostly make mockeries out of the acting profession.


So, actors are ruining reviews of music festivals. Maybe.

google: "stone roses" coachella  review

google: "the xx"  Coachella review

Maybe not.

Deja Cain
Deja Cain

Meh. I love music festivals... for the music. If the only thing you know about any given festival is what a particular celeb was wearing, you're not paying attention.

Roger N Roark
Roger N Roark

a waste of time and press even recognizing this story..

MadMac topcommenter

"They're photographed at the grocery store, and that doesn't mean that they're ruining the integrity of the produce aisle."

That's good stuff on a Monday, Ms. Leicht. Walter Matthau once said actors shouldn't do interviews/make public appearances as they really aren't that interesting and ultimately undermine their product. Your article supports that statement nicely.

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