Five Songs That Are Surprisingly Awesome When Dubstepped

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So I'm not sure how this blog came to fruition, but it did, and I can honestly tell you that I never expected to be writing about dubstep. I don't mind the whole electronic-music craze, but you would be hard-pressed to find me making the trek to Ultra Fest or something. (Not to mention I had to Google what the hell Molly was. Yeah, I'm that uncool.)

I also didn't think it was possible to take an artist like Neil Young, throw in some loud-ass beats while chopping it all to hell, and still somehow wind up with a product that isn't utter shite. But as I sit here willingly listening to a remix of Marvelettes' "Please Mr. Postman," waiting for the fuckin' bass to drop, I can tell you, I might be a changed woman. Either that or I've finally lost my shit.

Below are five of the most random -- yet totally decent -- remixes I've found while sifting through the endless mountains of dubstep on YouTube. I've enjoyed this little journey, but I'll never again be able to listen to Marvin Gaye's albums without waiting for the bottom to drop out. So thanks, dubs. Thanks.

5. "Trojans,"Atlas Genius (Blank Postal Remix)
I was already a fan of the original, but the Blank Postal Remix of Atlas's "Trojans" manages to remain chill as hell while changing it up enough to morph it into a pretty interesting dubstep version. Atlas has a remix of "Trojans" on their album that was put out by Lenno, but I actually prefer this one.

4. "Old Man," Neil Young (Sound Remedy Remix)
You can knock this song for remixing a legend, but it's pretty badass to know that there's a vested interest in keeping ol' Neil Young around and hip, even if it's not your speed. It will be, though, 'cause it's fuckin' Neil Young dubstepped.

3. "Fireflies," Owl City (Trillbass & G Tubbs Remix)
I mean, we all know Owl City's music fucking sucks in the original format, so I was completely shocked that not only did the Trillbass remix make it palatable, it made it borderline frickin' awesome. They managed to man up the song a bit without removing the softer qualities altogether. It's a chick-friendly dubstep, if I do say so myself, and I can dig it.

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YAAAHHH!!! That neil young remix freaking rules!

Also, what the hell. I am so confused how I just listened to Owl City and it didn't blow. But waiting for the Marvin Gaye beat to drop was painful D:

MadMac topcommenter

I'm having too much fun with this, Ms. Leicht. And I--a 40-something-year-OLD man--can say that in relative anonymity. Take my word for it--me dancing MUST be anonymous. Besides, it--music, books, music--is supposed to be fun.

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