Five Pop-Culture Places You Wouldn't Expect to See Foreigner

Did you know last week was Foreigner singer Lou Gramm's birthday? Well, it was on May 2, when he turned 63. So what better way to (belatedly) honor him than to look back at some of the strangest places Gramm has managed to promote his musical career?

Yes, Foreigner is a ubiquitous band. The use of their music ranges far and wide, and that's why they've shown up in all sorts of place in pop culture that you'd never expect them to. One day you're just watching Gilmore Girls, and bam! There's Foreigner.

It's strange because it doesn't seem like Foreigner is anyone's favorite band, but they're just so lovable you can't help but stick them awkwardly into a mother-daughter bonding moment. Here are five other movies or TV series you wouldn't necessarily expect to stumble across Foreigner, but there they are all the same.

5. Desperately Seeking Susan
This Madonna-Rosanna Arquette flick was well-received upon its 1985 release, but it hasn't aged all that well. I imagine the only people still aware of the film's existence are hardcore Madge fans, similar to most movies she starred in during the '80s and '90s.

We, however, remember that for some bizarre reason the movie had a pretty good soundtrack full of songs not by Madonna. It included songs by Iggy Pop, Run-DMC, and Aretha Franklin, and, of course, an R&B cover of Foreigner's "Urgent" performed by Junior Walker. The cover is pretty good too, by the way.

4. Supernatural
Supernatural is a show that uses a lot of classic-rock songs, so Foreigner showing up isn't all that surprising. The weird part is that the creators of the show seem to really, really love Foreigner's 1978 hit "Long, Long Way from Home."

It turns up in the above scene from Supernatural's fourth season, but then it shows up again in the show's fifth season as well. Normally Supernatural doesn't really reuse songs unless they have a special significance, but as you can see in the clip, "Long, Long Way from Home" is purely incidental to what's going on. Supernatural also grabbed "Hot Blooded" for a Season 1 episode. So you know somebody on that show's staff is down hardcore with the Foreigner.

3. Bones
"Every couple has a song," says Angel, err, David Boreanaz while he gets his Bones onscreen wife Emily Deschanel wired up with headphones so they can listen to "their song." But what is their song?

For the sake of random hilarity, it's "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. Having never watched Bones, I have no idea if this has any special significance. What I do know is that a refrigerator explodes immediately after this scene, and if there's one thing that should always precede a fridge blowing up, it's Foreigner.

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