Top 10 Bars, Clubs & Ice Houses On the Northside

Photos by Marco Torres
The Greater Northside Management District classifies "The Northside" as the "24 square miles north of Downtown Houston" between Interstate-10/Katy Freeway on the south, Studewood/Yale on the West, Little York to the north, and Interstate-59 Eastex Freeway to the East (although for this article, we set the boundary at Hardy Street). This is the real heart of the city, the real Northside... as opposed to Spring or The Woodlands. Scattered within the working-class barrios of Northside Village, Lindale and Northline Park are several hidden gems in the form of ice houses and drive inns that are arguably Houston's best.

10. D&T Drive Inn
This quaint neighborhood spot near I-45 and Cavalcade has been around for over 50 years. After being closed recently for an extensive renovation, it just reopened earlier last week. A giant oak that was nestled between this bar and the house next door was causing foundation problems and had to be removed. It was recycled and was used to create the beautiful new bar that welcomes you when you walk in. You can choose from over 50 beer selections on tap, and because they have a retail license, you can even take a sixer to go.

1307 Enid St, 713-868-5717,


Top 10 Bars, Clubs & Ice Houses In the Galleria Area

9. Ike's Place
A rotund gentleman named Vic drops us some knowledge as he hands us a Budweiser from his bucket. "This is a chill spot, bro, the of type of place where you pre-game before getting into trouble someplace else". We watch the Astros as we sit at the long, granite bar in a pleasantly frigid room that sits next to the new MetroRail line in Lindale Park.

The couple to my right are enjoying a few Cervezas Modelos after a long day at the office. The rest of the bar is drinking Bud Light, as the majority of the Tejanos in El Northside do. Except Vic... he drinks Coors Light. "I'm part of a BBQ Cooking Team that is sponsored by Coors. I can't be caught drinking nothing else!" Whatever you're drinking, Ike's is definitely the place to do it.

5802 Fulton, 713-691-7373

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