Another Man Sent My Girl Roses On Valentine's Day. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

I'm a newly single divorcée with lots of time and money on my hands. After dating and catering to the same man for two years and being married to him for five years, now it's all about me.

I got to keep the house. Because it's so extravagant and spacious it's perfect for parties, and I host some of the best parties in town. Sometimes my events can get a little wild. At my last party my sister-in-law and I got into a big fight because I was in my room kissing a guy friend of mine. She took exception to me having just divorced her brother and kissing my friend in the same room that I once shared with her brother.

I don't understand, since she has never liked me she should be grateful that I've moved on. A mutual friend of ours is hosting an annual event in a few days and I'm thinking about crashing it with another guy who I know will make her skin crawl. He is a real stud. What are your thoughts on my plans? Do you think I'm being childish?

Loving Orange County:

You're not being childish, you're being reckless. Inviting the sister of your brand new ex-husband to your house and letting her see you kiss another man is borderline psychotic. The emotional remnants of divorce or any type of relationship where people decide to go their separate ways should be handled with extreme care and consideration for all parties involved. This is bigger than a catfight with your mad sister-in-law. Even if you despise your ex-husband, you should be considerate of his feelings. How would you like it if he flaunted his new girlfriend in front of your family members and friends?

Nobody likes to be made a fool of, and some of the sanest people have been known to do the most insane things when put in that position. You don't have to be lonely but put some time between your divorce and being on the scene with a new guy. I can appreciate you living life to the fullest, but do it with class. It would prove to both your sister-in-law and ex-husband that he let a good one get away.


Dear Willie D:

This happened some time ago but it's been bothering me. I dropped in on my girlfriend at work two days after Valentine's Day and saw a vase filled with a dozen red roses on her desk. When I inquired about them she said a male co-worker gave them to her. When I asked why, she said it was because all the other women were receiving flowers on Valentine's Day. When he noticed she didn't have any, he had some delivered.

The co-worker is a douche. I know he likes her because he's always making excuses to talk to her on the phone about work. When I told her that I didn't want some other dude sending my girl flowers she turned the tables and became upset with me. She said if I had did what I was supposed to do, he would have never bought the flowers.

I don't know what she means by doing what I was supposed to do, since I didn't tell her I was sending flowers. I'm also currently unemployed so I don't really have the money to splurge like that.

I know women expect things for Valentine's Day, but I cooked for her at home and gave her a card. She never indicated that there was a problem. I told her I don't trust the guy, so she knows how I feel. Is it just me or am I right to not want another man sending my girl flowers?

Unemployed Lover:

It's not just you. Most men would have a problem with another man sending his girl flowers, especially on Valentine's Day. When you told your girlfriend you didn't trust her co-worker, that was her cue to distance herself from him socially and put you at ease about them working together. Instead she poured gasoline on a micro-flame and created a wildfire.

Your girlfriend turning the tables is an old blame-the-victim strategy that the guilty use to minimize responsibility. She could benefit from a few courses in girlfriend etiquette. In my opinion, floral arrangements are cool but there's no adventure in them. Even if you weren't unemployed, I think what you did by cooking for your girl was a far better gift because it was personal and it took more effort.

Assuming you guys can put this behind you, going forward your girl needs to know that it's disrespectful to accept flowers on Valentine's Day from anybody other than her man or father or brother or someone like that. And you need to know what your girl's love language is. Some women respond favorably to touching. For others it might be words of affirmation or quality time. Apparently your girl's love language is gifts, so next time just buy the damn flowers, man.

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Kevin Kujawa
Kevin Kujawa

You should be sending her flowers AT work more than just at valentines day, and not cheap grocery store ones.

Erin Lucas
Erin Lucas

That co-worker is a wolf is sheep's clothing and a smart man! Boyfriend better step up his game. Ya snooze ya loose.


Bzzzt.  If the open relationship guy wanted to do what- and whomever he wanted without regard to his girl's feelings, he wouldn't have come to her with such a difficult question.  He would've cheated and shrugged off the emotional fallout.

There are some guys and gals who hear "open relationship" and think that yeah, it's a prescription for play and a carte blanche for any activity.  Those people end up finding out very quickly that jealousy doesn't just blow away like dust, and that if they go on a trampage, their mate is just as likely to do so.

I'm in year ten of an open relationship. We have a daughter together. We each currently have live-in partners, too.  The whole thing has had its difficult moments and required a lot of talk, communication, honesty, and sometimes a lot of reassurance, ALWAYS a lot of thought for the other person's feelings.  The benefits of not getting bored with each other, having one of the longest relationships either of us has had, being able to explore new people and experience the joy and excitement of discovering things about another person, are all worth the hardship.

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