The Rocks Off 100: Richard Ramirez, Noise God and Black Leather Jesus

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Photos courtesy of Richard Ramirez
Who? Richard Ramirez is one of Houston's finest noise artists under the monikers of Black Leather Jesus, Werewolf Jerusalem, An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, and many more. His work is dark, terrifying, and full of the sort of sounds that you'd expect to emanate from beyond the doors of Hell itself. He got started in the late '80s after listening to experimental music broadcasts on KPFT and KTRU, then haunting Sound Exchange and Vinal Edge for albums by Merzbow, The Haters, Nurse With Wound, and the like.

Ramirez just returned from a tour that took him all up the West Coast of the United States and Canada, and is planning for a European jaunt next year. In addition, he has an upcoming collaboration with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer scheduled for a vinyl release soon, as well as works with Smegma, Nihilist Assault Group, and Andrew Liles.


Black Leather Jesus: The Most Horrifying Origin Story Ever

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Home Base: There's no real writing on practicing with Ramirez's music. All of his work is either crafted at home or at Dogville Studios. Like many off-kilter Houston musicians, he likes the open atmosphere of Super Happy Fun Land for live performances.

Why Do You Stay in Houston? "I love Houston," he says simply.I've traveled quite a bit and still would love to remain in Houston. Other places are OK to visit, but not to live."

Music Scene Pet Peeve: Understandably, Ramirez often finds himself frustrated by the lack of venues for his brand of music. Indeed, a quick search through his photos online usually reveals places that look like little more than basements. It's really a little strange when you consider how big the Houston noise scene really is.

Location Info


Super Happy Fun Land

3801 Polk, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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