The Best Concerts In Houston This Weekend: Black Mountain, the Black Crowes, BRMC, etc.

BlkMtn 0426.jpg
Photo by Marc Brubaker
Black Mountain at Warehouse Live in November 2010
Black Mountain
Rudyard's, April 26

On their way to this weekend's Austin Psych Fest, Canadian drone-pop act Black Mountain are swinging by Houston for a spell at Rudyard's. The band's last release was 2012's soundtrack for the "post-apocalyptic" surfing flick Year Zero, which itself was partially a compilation of their earlier cuts.

They come into town with a decade of material including 2005's self-titled monster LP that brought them above ground, so super-fans won't be bored. Black Mountain aren't afraid to lay the long jams on you, and could also be woodshedding new music. CRAIG HLAVATY

Fitzgerald's, April 27

Another band coming to the Bayou City via Austin Psych Fest, the Liverpudlians in Clinic are apples falling not far from the tree of the Residents and Suicide, with a hearty debt to early Radiohead. In fact, they were a part of the UK art-rock wave that came in the wake of the 'Head's OK Computer success. Clinic's trademark sound is due in part to their heavy use of the Philips Philicorda, which gave college-radio hit "Walking With Thee" its punch. With No Joy. CRAIG HLAVATY

CrowesFrost 0426.jpg
The Black Crowes
House of Blues, April 28

Just as grunge was emerging, one of the last truly "classic rock" bands was also on the rise. Fueled by the brotherly bickering of singer Chris and lead guitarist Rich Robinson, Atlanta's Black Crowes appeared out of left field in 1990 with an audacious reworking of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle" and the irresistable Stones-cum-Skynyrd boogie of debut album Shake Your Moneymaker.

Never truly mainstream or alternative, they wound up following a career trajectory closer to an influence that began appearing on mid-'90s LPs like Three Snakes and One Charm: the Grateful Dead, with a live reputation for songs that could stretch toward infinity to match. Since reuniting this last time, the oft-sundered Crowes' recorded output has been limited to raiding the vaults again, but their last original album is one of the most underrated in their catalog, 2009's relatively soft-focus Before the Frost/Until the Freeze. CHRIS GRAY

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Mont Hoyt
Mont Hoyt

Sevendust tonight, Crowes on Sunday

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