Five Artists Who Overshare On Twitter

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Social media has become quite the necessity among people worldwide. Websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allows people to express themselves in a public setting. Most celebrities take full advantage of the opportunity to not just promote milestones in their careers, but allowing their personal life and opinions flow out into the open air.

There's no harm in showing a little personality here and there, after all, but some famous people who sometimes get a bit Internet-emotional should have their laptops and phones snatched away during certain hours.

Instead of taking these sites as an opportunity to prove that they are human sometimes, some artists end up either being full-on attention whores or just plain jerks to fans, other artists or just regular people on the Web. A drunken tweet from your buddy that would normally be funny is no longer that funny if someone like Riff Raff tweets all day long in a rant with a similar style. Some artists even go as far as to get so up in arms about life and the media that they delete their accounts, only to come right back.

Sure, Twitter is a great way for artists to interact with fans and promote new music and milestones in their career; however, if they can't tie their media training into their social-media presence, then maybe they should chill. Publicists need to step in and let artists who are under a constant judgmental microscope know exactly what and when is a good idea to tweet how they feel about personal things.

We all have our vices from time to time, but exactly how much time is spent in the studio making music if an artist is ranting on Twitter 96 percent of the time? I get tweeting might be therapeutic for people who have no one else to talk to, but perhaps letting it out in a song might be better. It worked for Beyonce and "Bow Down."

Kanye West used to have it bad too, using Twitter as a therapeutic outlet to be heard, then later deleted all those tweets that Etsy enthusiasts decided to make into stickers, magnets and more. Here are a few more examples of people who should chill out on Twitter and just let their music speak for them more.

Riffrafftweet 0405.JPG
5. Riff Raff
Now we know Riff Raff is an interesting fellow, but sometimes I think it would be best if he saved all his interesting energy for a song. How funny would this be as a rap lyric?

Thuggatweet 0405.JPG
4.Slim Thug
I love Slim Thug for his honesty in his tweets. Being yourself is wonderful, but let's not let the world know that the only way we keep up with current events is through trending topics and WorldStar Hip Hop videos. Let's watch a little news sometimes.

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This article is great! I agree with writer; some of these celebrities need to Get A Life and place their energy elsewhere besides Twitter 24/7!!

Glad to see Charne writing for the Houston Press again!

Keep up the fantastic and interesting articles!


This list is in NO SPECIFIC ORDER! With that said, it's a great fucking list.

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