Paul Anka, Ladies' Man and Sinatra Worshipper, Tells It His Way

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But way, way too many pages are devoted to his hagiographic worshipping of Frank, Dino, Sammy, and the various Men of Respect who controlled Vegas back in the days of Godfather II and Casino and the stories he tells about them -- many of which he was not even around for. It's all a bit too much "I'm cool by association." And it gets a bit tedious, Frank-ly.

Though readers do discover that Sammy Davis, Jr. was a bit of a kinkster later in life fascinated with porn and bisexuality and had a threesome with Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace and her husband. The Candy Man makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious, indeed.

My Way could have benefited from some judicious editing and a bit more emphasis on Anka's heyday as a performer. So, yeah, it does sound insanely fun to have hung out and partied hard -- sometimes for days -- with the Chairman of the Board in his prime. Even if he could be an asshole. And Frank did like his hookers.

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I'm also from Newfoundland however I thought My Way was very entertaining. Yes, the book rambles in places & probably could have been edited better by David Dalton but for the most part it's quite a story from a man who was there to see it all.

I praise Paul Anka for waiting until most of the characters have passed away before releasing these stories. That shows a lot of class-- which is what Anka has always had-- a classy man. I predict this will be a Best Seller & it's the best book I've read in a long time.

Peter Quinlan St. John's


Paul I am 71 years old, live in Newfoundland, Canada

I grew up with your and rat pack music. Loved it.

I can't understand why you would write a book to do so much harm to the reputations of yourself and rat pack members. You have destroyed much of the good feelings I had all my lifetime of such GREAT entertainers. Hate to say it but I suggest nobody buy the book if you want your memories to remain.

I would like to hear from people reason my message, how do you feel about Paul's writing. I can be reached by email at

Thank you. Bob


Well I'm 49 & also live in Newfoundland & I have just finished reading My Way & thought it was very entertaining (which is what an Autobiography should be)...actually some of the stories are hilarious !

I praise Mr Anka for writing a no holes barred book & commend him for waiting until many of the characters passed away before he published it-- this could have been published years ago but at least Paul Anka had the class to hold off potentially enbarrassing details until they'd died.

This book will be a Best Seller & it's one of the most entertaining books I've ever read. Highly Recommended.

Peter Quinlan St. John's

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