Ninjas From Texas: San Antonio Metal Crew Sells "Sex, Drugs and Mopeds"

It's a well-known fact that most band names are essentially gobbledygook, but here at Rocks Off we're doing out best to make sense of the oddest monikers.

Photos courtesy of Ninjas From Texas
Ninjas From Texas is a metal/hardcore act out of San Antonio. It's the sort of music that makes me sad there are no good Van Damme movies anymore. I can totally see him as an aging underground metal musician who deals out ass-beatings and justice from under a mask all set to Ninjas From Texas' "Bitch We Keep it Real." It's angry, it's juvenile, it smacks of being written in the aftermath of a bitter session of masturbation, but goddammit it has punch.

There's even a kind of brutal poetry in something like "Sex, Drugs, and Mopeds." I mean, sure, the growling and the screaming and the call for immediate gratification is still all over the place, but Neil Munoz's vocals honestly have a Salinger quality to them. There's a beautiful, empty futility to the message that he and the band accomplish well under the soulpunch.

That name, though...


Ninja Tunes: A Year With ICP And Houston's Juggalos

ninjasfromtexas2 0426.jpg
Fucking ninjas, man, really? Haven't we played out ninjas? I don't know about you, but I've been off ninjas since the third Mortal Kombat game, not to mention the fact that I cannot respect anyone the President of the United States of America can take in a fight over peaches. And there is nothing ninja about Texas. Texas is all about big balls in your face, and that's the opposite of ninja stealth and cunning.

I decided to challenge the Ninjas to a fight to the death over the truth.

"Well we we're frustrated as hell trying to come up a name," says guitarist Chris Blanco in between roundhouses and blistering solos. "I remember we went for a cruise one day and George [Arroyo, drums] locked the doors and wouldn't let us out until we came up with a name.

"It took us a good hour of driving to figure out the name Ninjas From Texas," he continues. "I just remember blurting out the most random name as a joke, George dug it and James [Contreras, guitar] was all 'I don't fucking care.' Ever since then it's been the name and the funny part is it has its way of sticking into people's heads."

Hair Balls:

The Metro Ninjas Will Mess You Up

Just as I thought. Yet another stupid origin story. Is it too much to ask that a band's name actually have some kind of deeper connection to who they are? Are the Doors really the only ones?

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