The Rocks Off 100: Mike Meegz, Scoremore's Houston Lieutenant

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Photo courtesy of Mike Migl
Who? Mike Migl, aka Mike Meegz, is Houston operations manager for Austin-based hip-hop promoters Scoremore Shows. He was born and raised in the southwestern suburbs around Sugar Land, Richmond and Rosenberg.

"I grew up in a single [parent] household raised by my mother," Meegz tells us via email.


Rap Capitalism (cover story, Feb. 14, 2013)

He adds that he has one biological sister, Morgan, who is three years younger, served in the U.S. Army as an engineer, and completed two years of college for an associate's degree. Music-wise, he says, he owes everything to Chamillionaire and the Houston rapper's Web site.

"I've always had an ear (sounds very cliche) but I always burned CDs for friends who couldn't find the music I jammed," adds Meegz. "[I] came up on Houston music through, [my] favorite rapper/site/forum back in the day!"

Home Base: I just recently was blessed and found a great situation for myself in the Heights," he says. "Three-bedroom home with a couple of roommates. But before I operated from Katy, and would drive back and forth to the city," which Meegz says cost him more than $250 per month in gas money.

Why Do You Stay In Houston? "It is my home aka my baby," he says. "So much still needs to be done. Who else is going to do it if I don't?"

Good War Story: "Ha!" he laughs. "Being an army vet, I have some but show-wise, probably the Tyga experience when he did't go out onstage because he wanted a jacket, which held him up two-plus hours and had Warehouse Live empty by time he came out and caused chaos. He took the jacket off not two seconds into his set!!! WOW."

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