Last Night: Baauer & Danny Brown at Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Marco Torres
Baauer, Danny Brown
April 09, 2013

At first glimpse, packing a horde of subjects into the throne room of the EDM version of Game of Thrones' King Joffrey shouldn't be hard. After all, Scoremore had pulled the feat off when hosting its grand-mansion SXSW afterparty spot, The Illmore.

On that particular night, Baauer teamed with Just Blaze to tear the house apart with wall-slamming mixes of heavy bass, frantic drum switches and then some. It felt like Temple Run on crack, the world's greatest treadmill moment. Only this wasn't a one-shot in the gym; you got to celebrate with your friends and complete strangers who all wanted to party.

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If an experiment works in that rather intimate setting, watching Baauer toss out sped-up records of Waka Flocka Flame, Chief Keef and other bastions of nihilism for a more-than-eclectic looking crowd at Fitzgerald's on behalf of Scoremore Tuesday night felt like a grand procession: jumping kids and trance-like figurines contorting in weird positions left and right. The Philly-born, NYC-based producer chugged beers, flanged his arms left and right like a mad scientist, and piqued our interests with questions -- usually revolving around the end phrase "Turn Up!"

Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On" got twisted into position, as did TNGHT's "Goooo." And while the current king of spastic EDM didn't employ TNGHT's other monster single "Higher Ground" into position to rile up the crowd, he made certain to save his own "Harlem Shake" for a rousing finale.

By then, either the music or the constant movement had sobered you up. Hours beforehand, you couldn't even begin to imagine what sobriety felt like while watching Danny Brown, his awesome splash of hair and gap-toothed smile work.

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show was a ton of fun...some guy had an epic moustache, and i totally walked by the ambulance crew too.


I was comfortable leaving 40 minutes into Baauer's set. Admittedly, I was there for Danny, but when his crowd largely left twenty minutes into the EDM set, I felt like I was a chaperone at a high school dance. A fun high school dance, though.

Gabby Trevino
Gabby Trevino

thanks for the tickets! was definitely more hip hop than edm having seen baauer open for dillon francis back in November of last year but a fun night nonetheless!


How do I know I'm getting old? This might as well have been in Arabic. And I was a club DJ for many years.

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