The Rocks Off 100: Jason Puffer, Your Psychedelic Sex Panther

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Photos courtesy of Jason Puffer
Jason Puffer (center) playing with Psychic Palms
Who? Jason Puffer prowls some of Houston's groovier bars as retro-psych DJ Psychedelic Sex Panther and a member of local band Psychic Palms. The Ajo, Arizona native, spent 15 years bouncing between the Phoenix, L.A. and Houston areas before coming to rest in God's country about six years ago. Today Puffer lives in Montrose and is a member of the Reverberation crate-digging crew.

"I dont plan on leaving for a long while," he says.

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Home Base: Before listing a clutch of local bars where he spins on the regular or he can be found "just plain drinking" -- Big Star Bar, Royal Oak, Grand Prize, Poison Girl -- Puffer gives Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge (3714 Main) its due. The Big Top has been Reverberation's Tuesday-night home for the past couple of years.

"I'm not there as much as I used to be, but i try to make it there as much as possible," he says.

When Puffer is out, his Reverberation mates Prince Cobra and Dapper Dan, as well as female DJ team Here Come the Girls, take over the tables. You can also find many or most of them at Reverberation's monthly night at Boondocks (1417 Westheimer), the first Friday of each month.

"Some of the guys started spinning at Clutch City [Squire, 410 Main], I'm sure I will join in on that night sooner than later."

Good War Story: "I got in a fistfight at MFAH just after a Reverberation DJ set for Mixed Media," he says. "Almost got arrested with Stagger Lee. It totally was not my fault." [Ed. Note: Totally.]

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Why Do You Stay In Houston? The Pearland High School (class of 2001) grad says he was living in Tempe, Arizona, and planned to come visit his dasd and some friends. He sold a guitar and bought a bus ticket, and "here we are six years later."

"Houston to me is its own place," Puffer says. "You can do stuff and be original, you can live in the city comfortably and you dont have to be rich. Not everybody I understand can achieve this, but I sure have. I love being able to head to the bay and go fishing, or walk down my steps and have a plethora of bars, restaurants, coffee spots, and little indie shops all just steps away.

Music Scene Pet Peeve: Only one, he says: haters.

"Love it or leave it!" Puffer announces. "If someone is trying to put together a party, a show [or] an event, no matter how big or small, support it. You don't have to go to it, but spread the word to people that might be into it." I think its cool when anyone is trying to make something happen when music is involved. You have to start somewhere, and if you think moving to another city that has already established itself in every way, will fullfill your needs, then good riddance."

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Big Top Lounge

3714 Main, Houston, TX

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1417 Westheimer, Houston, TX

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Clutch City Squire - CLOSED

410 Main St., Houston, TX

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