The Rocks Off 100: Jacqui Sutton, Houston's "Jazzgrass Lady"

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Who? Jacqui Sutton is the lead singer for the Frontier Jazz Orchestra, a local band that fuses jazz and bluegrass. She was introduced to jazz in the 1980s, singing in San Francisco, and bluegrass in Portland, Ore. Her love of both music genres prompted her to combine them into a genre called Frontier Jazz, and she is now dubbed "The Jazzgrass Lady."

"The two sounds (jazz and bluegrass) have been living contemporaneously in my head since the 1980s, and it was only in 2010 that I realized I could fuse the two sounds together, which became the sound of Frontier Jazz," she says.

Sutton currently hosts a bimonthly (the first and third Wednesday of each month) YouTube performances of the singles from her two albums, Notes From the Frontier and Billie & Dolly.

Jacqui Sutton3 0423.jpg
Home Base: Sutton lives in Houston.

Why Do You Stay in Houston? Sutton relocated to Houston with her husband, who is pursuing his Ph.D in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Houston. While here, Sutton has met the members that have become the Frontier Jazz Orchestra. Even if her husband 's career moves him away from Houston, she says, she will still maintain a "footrprint" in in order to stay connected to the band.

Good War Story: "My war has been internal: the combination of having to spend years correcting bad vocal habits, as well as overcoming intense stage fright," she says. "It turns out that the stage fright decreased once I figured out the mechanics of my voice. Now you can't shut me up!"

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