Dale Watson Has Had It With Americana; Meet "Ameripolitan"

Ameripolitan Music Official, aka Watson and his band of gutsy outlaws, is seeking submissions.

It will go down something like this: submit an MP3 in each of the following categories: honky-tonk, rockabilly, Western swing, and Cajun, with your name, contact info and Website to AmeripolitanMusic@gmail.com.

Those chosen will be featured on one of several digital samplers that are slated for release as soon as all the unheard-of-deserving-souls get into gear. (Ahem, again that's you. Get off the couch already.)

Digital sampler No. 1 is already out: Ameripolitan Outlaw.

It features 14 tracks from Watson, Billy Don Burns, Sarah Gayle Meech, Hillbilly Casino, Whitey Morgan, Lucas Hudgins, Brigitte London, Johnny Outlaw, Chris Wall, Roger Alan Wade, JP Harris & The Tough Choices, Mandy Marie Luke, Peewee Moore and WC Jameson.

Fans can download the digital samplers for a small donation that will help fund the first-ever Ameripolitan Awards Show to be held in Austin on February 18, 2014, sort of like the Oscars for budding traditionalists.

So what are you waiting for? Go tell all your rebel-rousin', fiddle-playin' friends.

See the Ameripolitan Music Official Web site for more information. Watson brings his brand of truck-drivin' greasy-spoon sounds to the backyard stage Natachee's Supper N' Punch at 8 p.m. Tuesday, courtesy of the Lone Star Jukebox.

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This is why i still listen to bands like Wire.  No regurgitation of past genres.      Just look forward.


Just saw this reposted on Facebook. Look, Dale is -- and always has been -- a big whiner. He's been yammering about how evil Nashville is since he came on the scene. I think they call it a broken record. Yes, Dale, Wilco and Son and Son Volt sell a zillion more records than you do. Yes, we're sorry you are this one trick pony, but this Ameripolitan thing is about as relevant as what Faith Hill eats for breakfast. "Let's see, Dale, what do you think we can do to get you some publicity, man, no one seems to be noticing you anymore?" Jeez, really.


@WhiteLightning Dale is right. Nashville sacrifices music for money and puts out talentless eye candy, These assholes can barley write their name let alone a hit song. Without a team of songwriters and lyricists none of the corp country singers wouldn't be shit.It's hard to get noticed when all the radio stations are owned and operated by big corporations like iheart and infinity they shut out the real artists. So shut your fuckin mouth until you know what the fuck your talking about. Are you in the buisness? If not go fuck off.


@sixstringgunslinger @WhiteLightning Six String Gun Slinger: You're another part of the broken record. Everyone knows every "fact" you've tried to state. You think this is some kind of revolutionary thought pattern? This is still just another whining antic. Hell, you're whining. Dale is right? Well, duh. People in the TX music thing and the Americana thing and the No Depression thing have been screaming Nashville sucks for years. We all know. So? Shut and write a song we remember.

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