Dale Watson Has Had It With Americana; Meet "Ameripolitan"

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Photo by Craig Hlavaty
Dale Watson at the 2010 Lone Star Bash at the Brewery in San Antonio
Dale Watson has a bone to pick with country music, and you're invited to join in.

See, he misses the twang.

He misses the good old days when songs like "Ring of Fire" and "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" ruled the airwaves.

Waston blames Nashville music executives who have long ago replaced the Legends with syrupy-sweet country-pop stars who only offer good looks in tight jeans -- and always sound the same.

This, he says, is what killed country.

Watson has been on a mission ever since coining his own term for the starker side of everything good country once stood for, a new musical genre he's dubbed simply "Ameripolitan."

We know what you're thinking -- just what we need, another genre.

But when it comes from Watson, who honed his own brand of outlaw twang during his teen years on the backstreets of Houston, we thought you just might be interested. In true Texas form, he has never been one to shy away from taking a stand.

Watson has always held steady to the idea that even with the rebirth of Americana as a genre it fails because it's steeped in prominent rock influences, whereas his idea of Ameripolitan will be steeped instead in roots, something the pop-pushing country bigwigs seem to have long forgotten.

Americana, Watson claims, leaves out the outlaw, rockabilly, hillbilly, Western swing and Cajun sounds perfected by the diehard traditionalists who pour their hearts out to crowds night after night in honky-tonks and neighborhood bars.

He's sick to death of Americana and so-called alt-country hogging up all the glory -- and bandwidth -- so he's decided to do something about it.

That's where you come in.

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This is why i still listen to bands like Wire.  No regurgitation of past genres.      Just look forward.


Just saw this reposted on Facebook. Look, Dale is -- and always has been -- a big whiner. He's been yammering about how evil Nashville is since he came on the scene. I think they call it a broken record. Yes, Dale, Wilco and Son and Son Volt sell a zillion more records than you do. Yes, we're sorry you are this one trick pony, but this Ameripolitan thing is about as relevant as what Faith Hill eats for breakfast. "Let's see, Dale, what do you think we can do to get you some publicity, man, no one seems to be noticing you anymore?" Jeez, really.


@WhiteLightning Dale is right. Nashville sacrifices music for money and puts out talentless eye candy, These assholes can barley write their name let alone a hit song. Without a team of songwriters and lyricists none of the corp country singers wouldn't be shit.It's hard to get noticed when all the radio stations are owned and operated by big corporations like iheart and infinity they shut out the real artists. So shut your fuckin mouth until you know what the fuck your talking about. Are you in the buisness? If not go fuck off.


@sixstringgunslinger @WhiteLightning Six String Gun Slinger: You're another part of the broken record. Everyone knows every "fact" you've tried to state. You think this is some kind of revolutionary thought pattern? This is still just another whining antic. Hell, you're whining. Dale is right? Well, duh. People in the TX music thing and the Americana thing and the No Depression thing have been screaming Nashville sucks for years. We all know. So? Shut and write a song we remember.

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