Friday Night: Curren$y, etc. at Warehouse Live

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Photos by Justin Avery
Curren$y, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Monster Beats, Doughbeezy feat. Killa Kyleon, L.E.$., The Kid Named Breezy
Warehouse Live
April 19, 2013

Friday night, stoners from across the area came out pre-rolled and lighter-ready to participate in the large-scale smoke-out that doubled as a Curren$y concert. Spectators stood shoulder to shoulder in the ballroom of Warehouse Live while The Kid Named Breezy, L.E.$., Doughbeezy, Killa Kyleon, Corner Boy P, and Young Roddy warmed up for the headliner.

Before entering the building, you could see and smell the carbon remains of blunts, pipes, and joints escaping the establishment, as the area was filled to about 90 percent capacity when The Kid Named Breezy hit the stage. The Virginia native said he was happy to be performing here in his second home, and displayed that kind of energy behind the microphone with several tracks off his current project, 93, as the crowd participated in their hand-to-hand rituals.

Houston's own "Boss Hog Outlaws" artist L.E.$. brought the vibe back down South, with Houstonian swagger that put the crowd in a comfortable and familiar place. Hands waved and bodies swayed as L.E.$. laced gritty vocals over the slow-styled Texas beats.

Killa Kyleon x Doughbeexy 1 0422.JPG
Killa Kyleon (L) and Doughbeezy
Post-L.E.$. the room swelled to about 98 percent capacity and the air took on a haze similar to Los Angeles' smog. Walkways got tighter, and the struggle to get to the bar area kept many people drink-free. By this point, the room was so thick that you could see the entire path of light beams shooting from the stage.

Next up was local rapper and self-proclaimed Southeast Beast, Doughbeezy, who appeared from the side of the stage with what appeared to be a half-smoked blunt behind his ear. He got the crowd involved when he performed his hit, "Break it Down, Roll it Up." Just before the end of his set, Doughbeezy invited Killa Kyleon to hit the stage with him one time before they got out of there. The crowd was surprised by and responsive to the "Watch the Chrome" showcase headliners' impromptu performance.

Following Doughbeezy's set, the Jet Life team began to make their way onstage. Hands went up all across the room, in the form of the traditional "hand loose" sign as a representation of loyalty and support for the team.

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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