Remembering Phil Ochs, the "Singing Journalist"

2. Joan Baez, "There But For Fortune"
Baez was one of Ochs' contemporaries, and perhaps one the best-known and beloved at that. Baez's cover charted in the States and went Top 10 in the UK, it was the closest Ochs ever got to the big-time success he so craved. It is said that Ochs bared his humanity most openly on this track, and in the wake of his death it reads almost as an autobiographical statement.

1. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon, "Love Me, I'm a Liberal"
There is no better tribute to Ochs's cunning wit and biting satire than Biafra and Nixon's constant updating of this underrated classic. Biafra has changed the lyrics to reflect the Clinton, W. and Obama eras. It's heartbreaking to think that just two years after his death the Dead Kennedys would emerge. Just imagine what could have happened if Ochs had joined forces with Biafra...

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