Five Songs That Name-Drop the Astrodome

"Andre the Giant Theme"
As a Houstonian and a wrestling fan, it was always a source of inner conflict that I loved Andre the Giant, but was angry that he held the moniker of Eighth Wonder of the World that I felt rightfully belonged to the Astrodome. With Andre gone and the Astrodome closed, it seems time to bury that particular hatchet. Andre never had a dedicated entrance theme in his life, so I thought I'd use the one that accompanied his character in the Legends of Wrestling video game.

Hair Balls:

County Commissioners Once Again Fail to Act on the Astrodome

Brett Dennen, "Holidays are Here (And We're Still at War)"
The Astrodome did see use one more time, of course, when it was used to shelter victims of Hurricane Katrina. While some people used that time to pen racist bullshit, for the most part Houston accepted and provided for a grateful populace who had had their homes destroyed.

It's just one of the many things that Brett Dennen talks about in his lovely, rambling account of the various people in trouble around the world. It warms me to know that amidst his list of tragedy, the Astrodome was able to be a place of comfort.

Relive the days when the Astrodome hosted the NFL's hottest cheerleaders with 13 Awesome Derrick Dolls Pictures, or poke fun at the increasingly ridiculous plans that have been submitted towards future use of the Dome.

Jef With One F is a recovering rock star taking it one day at a time. You can read about his adventures in The Bible Spelled Backwards, or tell him what Astrodome song he missed in the comments below.

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" In the shadow of the Astrodome
With a hurricane coming on strong", Telephone Road - Rodney Crowell


From the rap universe, Trae's "Swang" comes to mind. RIP HAWK

Steven Perry
Steven Perry

FYI, you can hyperlink to a certain part in a youtube video by right-clicking and selecting "copy video url at current time". I'd love to see where we were mentioned in these songs, but don't have 30 minutes to watch them all.


How about They Might Be Giants - Meridian (Houston)? 

"I'm living in the Astrodome!"

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