Today's Musicians Have All Lost Their Damn Minds

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It seems that there's something in the musician water lately, and it's causing an epidemic of WTF-inducing choices that are just begging to be written about. Headlines are popping up daily about abandoned pet monkeys, pixelated photos, and Skrillex hair, and this shit's getting weird.

But rather than bombard you with multiple rants about this series of unfortunate (musical) events, I'm going to round them all up and side-eye them all in one post.

So here ya go. Musicians, you've all lost your damn minds.

Let's start off with Ray J and the whole "I Hit It First" media-stunt of a song. For those of you who don't know the background, Ray J dated Kim Kardashian back in the day. From that blessed union came a leaked sex tape, Kim's instant fame, and an inundation of everything Kardashian.

Thing was, Ray J only had a lukewarm career to begin with, and the leaked sex tape didn't solidify celeb status for him. So instead of just letting his career fizzle out (if you can call it a career -- I personally have my doubts), he decided to grace us a mere six years later with a single devoted to his ex, who is now having a baby with Kanye West.

Here it is, if you want to scrape your eardrums with desperation.

But now that Ray J is getting a little more backlash than he anticipated, he's publicly proclaiming that despite the proof being in the pudding, we are all crazy and this song is actually not about Kim.

Silly me. This song must be about that other chick he made a sex tape with who is now dating Mr. West. And it's someone else's photo he pixelated to look like Kim's.

Nobody believes that, honey. Just own it; you recorded a song about Kanye West's girlfriend because you needed a way to grab headlines. We can all see that your pants are on fire from the denial, and to be honest, it makes you look a little bit crazy.

Anyway, Ray J seems awfully thirsty, so let's get him some water and move on.

Little ol' Justin Bieber is another one who is teetering on the edge of sanity. In the past few weeks, he's allegedly given illegal tattoos, shaved his hair like Skrillex, abandoned his pet monkey in Germany, and now he's gone and given a shout-out to holocaust victim Anne Frank.

On a trip to the Anne Frank House last week, Bieber is credited with writing in the guest book, calling Anne a "great girl" and saying that he hopes she would have been a "belieber." Um, I think Anne might have had other, more historically important things on her plate, Biebs.

To his credit, at least he didn't go so far as to say he would have made her "one less lonely girl" or something equally as awful, but still. It's obnoxious and flat-out strange for Bieber to pull Anne Frank into his delusions of grandeur.

Also, isn't it about time he picks up his monkey? Time's a tickin'.

And speaking of delusions, let's discuss this Rick Ross "rape lyrics" controversy, and what's sprung from that toxic well.

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the degree and intensity of the adulation heaped on pop stars these days causes a sort of morbid obesity of the ego, a usually toxic condition.

Ryan Cope
Ryan Cope

Nefarious is a nefarious word. Likey!!

Schittphaiç Magü
Schittphaiç Magü

You really think it was all hunky dory in the "golden ages?" Prominent rockers and pop icons have been wasting their lives through drug/alcohol abuse since the 60s and you want to gripe about what is essentially gossip-rag fodder? *smh*


The Rick Ross shenanigans dreaming disgust me. Shame on all those men.


The problem is you're confusing rappers (and Bieber) with musicians.

MadMac topcommenter

I wait with glee to see these tattooed millionaires lose EVERYTHING over their antics. Actions have consequences and fame has such a short shelf life. Today's Bieber is tomorrow's Danny Bonaduce.  

Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez

It figures, these pop culture musicians are already popular which makes them attention whores in the music industry.

Jaime Puente
Jaime Puente

Uhm... it's called track/album sales. They sure as hell can't do it on their own so they make up some drama.

Kylejack topcommenter

The Biebs also allegedly attacked his neighbor, and had some troubling comments on abortion.


Does Rick Ross have to lift up his tits when he gets tattooed on his chest? 

And yes, they have lost their damn minds.

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