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Photos by Brittanie Shey
Rod Argent
The Zombies, Elephant Stone
March 17, 2013

There's something about The Zombies that has always set them off from the other bands of the British Invasion. Maybe it's the orchestral, minor chords, or the ethereal breathiness of singer Colin Blunstone's delivery, or the impeccable timing of all those psychedelic organ solos.

For whatever reason, though, the band was challenging enough to have limited critical success despite a slew of hits, and broke up after only five years. Their biggest U.S. radio hit, "Time of the Season," was released a year after the band's amicable split in 1967.

Yet their influence has been far-reaching. Among the bands who have covered Zombies hits are The Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jr., Tom Petty and Of Montreal. They're mainstays for Wes Anderson soundtracks, and their jazz- and Motown-influence psychedelia still stands the test of time, as evidenced by the rave reviews their latest album, Breathe Out, Breathe In, has received from the likes of The Independent and Rolling Stone.

So Sunday night at Fitzgerald's, the mostly middle-aged crowd was plenty willing to follow along with band founders Rod Argent and Blunstone as they meandered through a retrospective of 50 years of Zombies hits, along with solo work and a cover or two thrown in for good measure.

"Time of the Season" was tossed smack in the middle, but only after Argent got a few songs off the latest album, and few heavy pitches for it, out of the way. "We're quite proud of it," he said.

Jim Rodford
Touring with longtime Kinks bassist Jim Rodford (Rod Argent's cousin), the band revealed their own heritage in the first few songs they played. They opened with "I Love You," segued immediately into the title song of the new album, then rounded it out with the Dave Brubeck-flavored "I Want You Back Again" and a cover of "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted," which was a huge hit for Blunstone in the U.K.

Onstage, both Blunstone and Argent maintained zen-like postures -- Blunstone seeming to melt away into the lyrics as he was singing them, eyes closed and a beatific smile on his face. Argent, after every song, would clasp his hands to his heart in appreciation while the crowd, which was the teeniest bit rowdy, whooped and hollered. Not unexpected -- Rodford told the audience that the last time he and Argent played Houston was with Argent's eponymous band in the 1970s.

"It's such a gas to play in front of such a kicking band every day," Argent replied.

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Jim Rodford must have had a memory lapse because he was with the Zombies when they came to the Engine Room in 2004 - I was one of about 35 people there. I thought it was a good show last night, but wished they hadn't front-packed the set list with so many recent and solo tunes (I would have loved to get "Indication" "You Make Me Feel Good." And I see on the photo of the set list they had "God Gave Rock and Roll To You” listed to play. Wonder what happened? Maybe they were just exhausted from all their SXSW activities.

Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams

Wish I could have checked this out, sounds like a great show.

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