When Zombies Attack: The Colin Blunstone Interview, Part 2

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The classic lineup: Colin Blunstone (vocals), Paul Atkinson (guitar), Rod Argent (keyboards/vocals), Chris White (bass, vocals), Hugh Grundy (drums)
Much of the Zombies' music, even early on, was original material mostly written by Rod Argent and Chris White. It's something that Colin Blunstone still marvels at today.

"Our first album was going to be all covers," he recalls. "But it was our producer, Ken James, who said we could actually write something for that first session. So Rod went away and came back a few days later with 'She's Not There.' We all knew it was special and a hit. We were flabbergasted!"


When Zombies Attack: The Colin Blunstone Interview, Part 1

Another fond memory Blunstone has of those first years was a trip to the U.S. when the Zombies appeared as one of many acts on the 1965 Dick Clark Caravan of Stars Tour. That's where Blunstone and Argent went through a kind of musical trial by fire on the bus that served as transportation for the talent.

"There was great bonding going on," he says. "We'd have 15 or 16 acts on one bus, so we got to know each other well. And a lot of them, especially the black acts who we really loved, would sing into the night.

"But on the first night we got on, and they said, 'Well, what are you going to sing for us?' We were petrified! So Rod and I got up and did a Beatles song. I think it was 'If I Fell' and he insists it was 'Help.' But we stood up and sang a cappella to some of the most beautiful voices in the world!"

Blunstone also points out that, as a keyboard- and not guitar-based band, the Zombies were always a little off the beaten path. And that their use of three-part harmony actually predated their first hearing the Beatles do the same.

Vocally, Blunstone's pipes have an airy, breathy and high-ranged style. He calls it "challenging" to hit the same notes as a 67-year-old man, but says he's fortunate to have kept his vocal range through the decades and also credits a vocal coach that he and Argent worked with, when they began playing together again in 2000, for teaching them a technique to make their voices stronger.

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Awesome. Can't wait to hear Colin live. What a champ.

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