The Best Concerts in Houston This Week: Muse, Major Lazer, Pitbull, etc.

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Photo by Mark C. Austin
Toyota Center, 2010: This was a good two years and change before Muse released a single called "Madness," mind you.
Toyota Center, March 12

The prospect of a new Muse album (The 2nd Law) was overshadowed by the band's dalliance with dubstep, which was a shame, but not surprising in the current musical climate. When one of the world's biggest stadium-rock bands' tinkering with electronics becomes a dealbreaker, it tells you something about their fickle fans.

Thankfully Muse made it work -- somewhat -- with singles like "Follow Me," but we doubt that the band will be selling glowsticks at the merch booths. We're guessing their going the dance route probably turned off vocal Muse proponent Glenn Beck, too. With Dead Sara. CRAIG HLAVATY

majorlazer 0311.jpg
Major Lazer
House of Blues, March 12

Diplo and Switch's reggae/dancehall-oriented project Major Lazer casts the DJ duo -- one from Philly, one from London -- as a couple of EDM robots who are a whole hell of a lot more fun than Daft Punk, even if you don't buy the backstory that they're actually Rastafarian zombies. (Or something like that.) Recently Lazer's PR folks announced that the twosome's third and forthcoming album, Free the Universe, has been postponed until April, but we suspect that won't slow down the party at House of Blues all that much. Like, not at all. CHRIS GRAY

Bad Religion
House of Blues, March 13

Bad Religion released its 16th studio album, True North, this past January, following up 2010's The Dissent of Man with another excuse to go out on the road and school kids on the past 34 years of OG L.A. punk history. Thankfully, their recent set lists are digging back into material from How Could Hell Be Any Worse? and Suffer, rather than sticking to the more modern stuff.

True North is a worthy addition to the band's universe, though, with 48-years-young lead singer Greg Graffin sounding almost as angry on tracks like "Fuck You" and "Land of Endless Greed" as he did at 16. CRAIG HLAVATY

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

Category: Music

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

NRG Stadium

1 NRG Park, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Bayou Music Center

520 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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You forgot the Royal Teeth show tonight at HOB. Probably gonna be one of the bands that will be all the talk this year at SXSW.

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