Texas EDM Fans Dealt Setback With Nocturnal Wonderland Pullout

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Photo by Caesar Sebastian via Flickr
Sorry girls, you'll have to find another social event to wear underwear and mouse ears this summer.
So why the cancellations? Although no official explanations have been issued by Insomniac or Rotella, several factors might be contributing to the fall of Texas's 2013 rave season. Firstly, Rotella has been entangled in legal woes since being indicted last August with charges of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest, though he has pled not guilty to all charges.

More recently, rave culture took a massive blow when a February Los Angeles Times article blamed the deaths of 14 partygoers on the raves themselves rather than the copious amounts of drugs the deceased had chosen to take. The article has since experienced widespread circulation, and venues are more hesitant than ever to take on EDM shows. [Ed. note: See Insomniac's response on our sister paper LA Weekly's The Informer blog.]

Another possibility is that Texas-based Nightculture and its national affiliate Disco Donnie Presents have somewhat of a lockdown on Texas EDM. Nightculture owns Stereo Live, where most Houston EDM shows are held, and is responsible for throwing other parties like the upcoming one-day Meltdown Music Festival in Dallas. Vivid Sound Entertainment is also bringing Datsik, Tommy Trash and a few others to the Euphoria Music Festival at New Braunfels' WhiteWater Amphitheater in two weeks.

Notably, Meltdown is being held on April 27, which is the exact same time that Nocturnal would have been at Apache Pass. This means that Texas club kids would have had to choose between the two competing festivals and promoters, which would certainly have have put Insomniac and Nightculture at loggerheads. (Rocks Off reached out to Nightculture for comment, but got no response.)

Whatever the case may be, bass-bumping, glowstick-loving, fuzzy boot-wearing Texans will likely not see a multi-day festival devoted strictly to EDM this year. In the meantime, Houstonians can check out Stereo Live for a single night of ravey fun, or travel to neighboring cities for some upcoming single-day events.

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The festivals need to be 18+, and end at midnight. Kids do stupid kid things, sorry.

Griffin Morgan
Griffin Morgan

It's not like its festival or bust. These festivals are getting out of hand, and not just "edm" festivals. People are going for all the wrong reasons. This article mentioned a glaring problem, the drugs. It's taking away from the artists, IMO. Meanwhile, there's plenty of good live music happening all over Houston every weekend, with responsible people who are actually there to see the live music. To hell with these festivals, I say, particularly ones by insomniac.


This is speculation, but it might also have something to do with the county and its willingness to hand out permits for mass gatherings.  My understanding is that they aren't AGAINST large gatherings bringing people and cash to their county, but have been less than thrilled with the amount of congestion and trash.

Seems like just another small piece that could fit into the bigger picture.

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