Saturday Night: The Band Perry at Reliant Stadium

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Photos courtesy of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
The Band Perry
Reliant Stadium
March 13, 2013

Was anyone else as confused as I was on Saturday night with the Band Perry's concert at RodeoHouston?

On paper, the Band Perry should be a fantastic live act to see. They're a wholesome, family-friendly group, perfect for what the rodeo tries to achieve. Kimberly Perry is on lead vocals, and she's backed by her two brothers Neil and Reed, all well-manicured and well-mannered. They're the epitome of this whole "new country" trend, with lots of leather and a rock-inspired sound.

The band also has a couple of really large hits under their belts -- "Better Dig Two" and "If I Die Young" have both seen major commercial success. Not only that, but as evidenced by the 71,000 or so fans who spilled into Reliant Stadium, the band already has a large following, despite having put out only one album so far.

So given all the pluses to the band, I expected to be met with a pretty decent country act, even if they sound slightly obsessed with death on their two big hits. That is not what I found, however.

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Saturday night's concert was a struggle for both the band and the audience, as we all toughed out a vocally challenged set filled with cover songs that were too big for the band's collective britches.

They opened up the show by belting out their new song "Done" with a mix of fervor and Southern charm, so things started off relatively well (albeit quietly; I've never seen a crowd so apathetic). I could even see where Kimberly normally shines as the lead vocals for the band.

She's darling, with a mess of blond hair and a true enthusiasm for the stage, and her brothers play into the antics well. Despite that enthusiasm, her vocals were really off, and her twangy pitch never recovered unless she was shouting some anthem-y slogan into the mike (which she did, quite often).

There was tons of cutesy choreography between the trio, but Kimberly, Reed and Neil really struggled to wake up the crowd. Maybe we were all suffering from a collective overdose of tryptophan from those damned turkey legs, or perhaps we were underwhelmed by the wavering, off-key warbling of Kimberly's voice, but whatever the cause, everyone stayed glued to their seats.

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NRG Stadium

1 NRG Park, Houston, TX

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Personal Bias: Columnists who complain about finding their seat in the Press Box. Yeesh...

Josh Reddoch
Josh Reddoch

I hope the reviewer was well compensated. Sounds utterly horrid.

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