Last Night: Kenny Chesney at Reliant Stadium

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Photos courtesy of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Kenny Chesney
Reliant Stadium
March 12, 2013

My heart was stolen by a cowboy last night, and I don't want it back.

I, along with nearly 70,000 other spectators, rolled into Reliant Stadium for yet another RodeoHouston concert -- only this time it was Kenny Chesney.

It was great to be at a show that actually felt country; I know that the rodeo works hard to bring in a diverse group of artists, and that feat is commendable given the gargantuan task that it must be. However, as evidenced last night, there's simply nothin' better than being at the rodeo, drink in hand, listening to some good ol' country music in Houston, Texas.

Admittedly, Kenny Chesney has never been on my favorites list; I'm a little traditional about my taste in country music (and not 'cause that's hip; it's just what I was raised on), so I can be wary about the hybrid-country artists on the scene, especially those of the beach-bum/cowboy variation. Perhaps I shouldn't be.

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When Chesney kicked off his show with "Beer in Mexico," there was little fanfare aside from a roaring crowd and his voice -- and oh, that voice. I was tempted to drop everything and risk ruining my new boots to grab a Corona with that ol' boy on the beaches of Cozumel. He was that good.

This was the first concert this rodeo season where I haven't felt like the sound system was off. There's been a trend of things sounding pretty warped or overwhelmed by the sheer size of the stadium, but Chesney's voice really translated well in the venue.

I'm not sure who should get the credit for that, but I was pretty relieved that his vocals sounded, for the most part, on target. He's not a huge singer, but he doesn't need to be. The feel-good tracks kind of carried themselves, no larger-than-life vocals needed.

Chesney seemed entirely comfortable with the stage, as one would expect of a performer who's graced the rodeo with his presence, oh, seven or so times. There was an ease to the entire performance that I haven't seen on the rodeo stage in a while; Chesney didn't run the length of it in a grab for excitement, and nothing was staged or fixed. He just sang, and we just bobbed along in agreement. It was pretty sweet.

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Agreed, great concert. But I am very disappointed that Kenny Chesney just spent over a million on a sound system manufactured in Paris ( and marketed in the U.S. by a Japanese company, when there were American made systems available that are just as good if not better. For someone's whose 2012 tour was sponsored by AMERICAN Express, is an AMERICAN country music artist, and whose songs espouse home town pride (The Boys of Fall), you've let your AMERICAN fans down Chesney! Very unpatriotic!


He's so beautiful. And he is apparently the least sweaty person in the world. How could anyone confuse this sexy tractored bro with Keith Urban?!

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