Last Night: Austin Mahone and Demi Lovato at Reliant Stadium

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Photos courtesy of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Austin Mahone
Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone
Reliant Stadium
March 3, 2013

I'm determined to make it through this entire review without unleashing my sailor mouth, so bear with me as I use words like "heck" and "darn." I know; it's strange for me, too, but this review is about a tween heartthrob and a former Disney star, so I'm toning it down.

I would rather not have to wash my own mouth out with soap for scarring any children who happen to come upon this. The Internet can be a dangerous place, kiddos...

Last night was the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's annual concert geared toward its younger audience, and on this year's concert bill was YouTube sensation turned radio star Austin Mahone, who opened up for headlining Texas native Demi Lovato.

Following true rodeo tradition, Mahone was delivered to the stage by truck, and just the mere glimpse of the vehicle carrying their idol had all of the Mahomies in a complete tizzy.

He kicked off the show with his tween-friendly hit, "Say Something." The shrieks being emitted by his fans did some serious damage to my eardrums; 52,000 screaming girls can holler at deafening decibels.

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It took Mahone a few minutes to find his footing onstage. He seemed overwhelmed with the task at hand, and looked slightly lost as he took everything in. However, I would imagine there's quite a bit of difficulty to singing over a stadium full of squealing tween girls, so I'm going to cut him some slack. At least he was singing live, and those girls were really loud.

Perhaps he was overwhelmed by the huge stage at the rodeo, or maybe he was just worn out from trying to sing over the screaming "Mahomies" in the stands, but he seemed to struggle vocally at points throughout the show. There was marked improvement during the acoustic set, though, and he appeared to settle in a bit more during numbers like "Beautiful Soul."

His cover of Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You" was a cute (albeit much more syrupy) rendition of the original song, and I'm sure all the girls in the audience appreciated the intense gaze Mahone gave them over the jumbo screen. He managed to work every corner of the stadium from the stool in the middle of the stage. Kudos, could teach grown men a thing or two about the science behind flirting.

His sappier numbers are fan favorites, judging by the reaction of my ten-year-old date, but she wasn't a huge fan of some of his earlier, more choreographed numbers, and neither was I. For what it's worth, she also pointed out that he looked better with his hat on. Things like that are important in the whole teen-heartthrob equation, I guess.

Mahone closed out his part of the show with his new single, "Say You're Just a Friend," a catchy little earworm that has already begun to take over mainstream radio airwaves. This song really trips me out, not only because it samples Biz Markie and features Flo Rida, but also because the combination of the two makes me want to sing along, despite my disdain for being sucked in by the ol' pop-music formula.

He's a cute kid, that little Austin Mahone, and it's easy to see why the throngs of teen girls flocked to the stadium to see him live. His set was pretty short, but Mahone showed some real promise in his ability to work the crowd (as well as one can from a stage in the middle of a football field, anyway). He looked around for his "special girl," had the crowd and the stage participate in yet another version of the "Harlem Shake," and joked around with his onstage DJ.

You could almost feel the Mahomies' collective disappointment as Mahone rode away in the back of that pickup truck; there was a mass exodus of girls in between Mahone and Demi Lovato's sets, and noticeably fewer people in the venue when Lovato's set started. Perhaps they all had to finish their homework?

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I don't know who Austin Mahone is, but it is so wonderful to see Demi Lovato get an actual chance to shine outside of the Disney shadow.

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