Last Night: Lady Antebellum at Reliant Stadium

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But sometimes you have to step outside of yourself. Luckily, I had a good opportunity to do this Tuesday. I managed to leave my media pass at home (duh), so I wound up buying an upper-level seat and watching the show with the pigeons, sitting up so high I was even looking down on the video screens on top of the rotating rodeo stage.

Man, am I glad I did. First of all, watching a sea of phones twinkling like fireflies during "Dancing Away with My Heart" hit me square in the left ventricle. And then the three teenage girls a couple of rows down who totally owned "A Kiss Goodnight," belting it out like they were in front of the mirror. As much as behavior like that might make me want to roll my eyes sometimes, Tuesday I was right there with them. Yes, I am a softie at heart. Shut up.

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The last thing I'll mention is that way up there, the sound system is crystal clear, quite an achievement for one of the most notorious concert environments in the Houston area. Which made it such an unexpected delight for them to break into the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" -- and whatever critic points it may cost me, they killed it. I was right there, all by myself in the rafters of Reliant Stadium, doing my best Mick Jagger.

So I will never say a cross word against Lady Antebellum, ever. All that was totally worth the 18 bucks.

Personal Bias: Why do y'all do this to me?

The Crowd: Future honky-tonk women, each and every one of them. Scattered menfolk, but not very many.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I can hear again."

Mutton Bustin' Report: A girl from Richmond made it all the way across the course, the only rider to do so Tuesday. One poor boy wound up with "teeth full of dirt," in the words of rodeo announcer Patti Smith.

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NRG Stadium

1 NRG Park, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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