Houston Bands Prepare to Invade SXSW

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Grandfather Child is playing a handful of shows in Austin during SXSW.
Starting this coming weekend, a slew (yes, a slew) of Houston bands will be invading Austin to take part in SXSW's official and unofficial revelry. Grandfather Child, Electric Attitude, Something Fierce, Bagheera and many others will be playing free day parties, showcases and pop-up festivals.

Recently I reached out to Houston artists via Rocks Off's social-media channels to ask what they will be doing in Austin, what time they will be doing it and where they will be posted up.

If I didn't hear back from you, be sure to tell us in the comments section what you have planned. Drinking cheap beer and making out with pretty people counts, too.

Before we begin, there is big news for two local acts going into SXSW, La Sien and Featherface, who have been chosen to be a part of the Converse Rubber Tracks promotion for a recording session in Austin this past week.

Each of the five bands chosen for the 2013 class was given a full day of studio time, and can use the finished tracks as the group sees fit. La Sien said they hoped to knock out a couple of tracks, with an eye on a swift release. Both bands were also excited about the free shoes, of course.

American Fangs are looking to release a long-awaited on LP on May 14.

American Fangs: 7:30 p.m., Metal & Lace Lounge

Young Girls: 8 p.m., BD Riley's.

Bagheera: 12 p.m., Silhouette Loft 718 (Mixed Fortunes/Aeropop Showcase).

Featherface: 5:30 p.m., Volstead Lounge (Hotel Vegas Party).

Tontons: 4:30 p.m., Cheer Up Charlies (No Play Music/Pop Press Party).

Electric Attitude: 1:30 p.m., Dirty Dog Bar.

Something Fierce: 12 a.m., The J.R.

Venomous Maximus: 11 p.m., Beerland.


Saturate: 8:30 p.m., 311 Club.

Bagheera: 4 p.m., 510 W 23rd St (New Guild Co-Op Showcase).

Featherface: 5 p.m., 510 W. 23rd St (New Guild Coop Showcase).

Benjamin Wesley: 8 p.m., Cheer Up Charlie's (Jandek Showcase).

Tontons: 10 p.m., 512 BAR (Official SXSW Showcase)

Grandfather Child: 12 a.m., Velveeta Room, NormalTown/New West Showcase. 9 p.m., Club 1808. (Axis Family Affair).

Nosaprise: 9 p.m., Townhouse.



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Doomstress Alexis
Doomstress Alexis

Project Armageddon@ Austin Heavy Music Fest Saturday March 16@ Spider House Ballroom. Free show. 12 hours of heavy metal! 3 stages.


Saturday 16th Noon-THE TYBURN JIG @ Guero's Taco Bar S Congress


Hip Hop act Onehunnidt is an Official SXSW performer this year. Show schedule is as follows:


2:45pm Good Vibes SXSW Edition: Art Gallery & Day Show @ Haven 409 Colorado St


1:40pm Overbored Presents: The SXSW Sophisticated Ignorance Day Party @ Haven 409 Colorado St

8pm Stubhub Live Official SXSW showcase March 16th at Old School 401 E 6th S (Opening for Big Krit)

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