10 Musicians Who Should Grow Their Own Kind of Weed

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Turns out Flesh N Bone -- yes, of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fame -- has quite the green thumb, and he's using this super-power to spark up a little buzz.

In a move that makes him a viable candidate for my favorite rapper of all time, Mr. Stanley "Flesh N Bone" Howse has developed a new strain of medical marijuana known as "Phifty Calibur Cush," and he's cultivating and distributing his new type o' weed with the help of Green Oasis, a Michigan-based dispensary that specializes in being awesome.

So far, Phifty Calibur is receiving praise for its ability to provide effective pain relief for whatever ails ya. Oh, and not only will Phifty knock your pain on its ass, but apparently also has a "noticeably floral taste." (Um, I'm no scientist here, but I'd assume that "floral taste" is occuring because you're smoking a plant, smarties.)

You don't have to purchase Flesh's med-o-weed by the nickel sack, either. If you're a bit more of a do-it-yourself kind of smoker, Green Oasis is also distributing the seeds so that you can plant your own pot -- but only if you live in a state where you don't have to bust out special equipment to grow the plants in your closet. Sorry folks.

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So yeah. Welcome to the new age of medical marijuana, where harmonizing rappers are now schlepping their mad-science wares in states like Michigan that aren't stuck in the 17th century. (Oh yes, that's me giving you the side-eye, Texas.)

Even if Texas won't jump on the ganja bandwagon, this is an equation that makes sense to me. Who else is as qualified as Flesh N Bone to judge the effectiveness of a new blend of weed?

I mean, those thuggish ruggish Bones are obviously big Mary Jane fans -- they pay homage to her on all of their albums, so they probably know a thing or two about what it takes to get you higher than a muthafucka. (Also, Flesh's hair is like medicine for my soul, so he can do no wrong in my book.)

This whole scenario has got the hamster wheel in my head turning. If Flesh N Bone can channel his inner weed scientist, surely there are other musicians that should school the medical marijuana field with their pot expertise.

Below are some artists who should also start to splice together some weed plants, cause I'd like to see what kind of joints they'd roll out with.

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"Dave may have quit smoking to fight the Global Warming epidemic..." Did this really happen??

I also think Wiz Khalifia is too stereotypical high school stoner, bro. We'd get some redododiculous shit from that philanthropy. Like "whiskey and cap'n crunch" or "the teachers dank dark" or some bs.

The smash smash SMAAASH hero needs to be on this list.

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