Top 20 Songs Dedicated to Drank, Part 1

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Some call it lean; others call it barre or simply drank. Whichever you prefer, promethazine with codeine cough syrup is the ever so popular recreational drug used by many people. Houston's hip-hop culture has made lean something everyone has wanted to talk about or even try for decades. If you type in in your Web browser you will be linked to the City of Houston's official site. Not sure exactly how that happened but it's a fun fact and proof is in the pudding guys. [Ed. note: No lie.]

The city and hip-hop in general is engulfed in syrup. On the late, great singer Big Moe's debut album cover (which is also titled City of Syrup) , he is seen pouring purple syrup over the city's skyline. Houston artists are the originators and the reason some folks worldwide sing and sip in unity. The late DJ Screw, members of the Screwed Up Click, the folks on Swishahouse and other local artists have provided further soundtracks to syrup-sippin'.

Drank has also been the alleged cause of the deaths of legends like DJ Screw, Big Moe and Pimp C. it also has been the alleged cause of New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne's recent hospitaliztion. In some songs, the artists will admit to being addicted and hooked on the drug, while others are subtle cries for help with letting go of lean.

Mixed feelings and opinions will always come out when it comes to syrup, especially in the media, but one thing for certain is that certain Houston rappers love it and made some pretty awesome, melodic music to spread the gospel about it. The following is a collection (in no specific order) of 20 of Houston's finest odes to that oil, so hold your white muddy cups in the air (totally kidding) and sing along.

20. Big Moe, "Barre Baby"

In 2000, "Barre Baby" was released by the late S.U.C. member Big Moe. The song was from his critically acclaimed and amazingly awesome album City of Syrup. This entire album is an homage expressing his love of lean.

Most Memorable Line: "I got the whole wide world sippin drank with me"

19. Z-Ro, "Drank So Good"
The Mo City Don Z-Ro admits to being a "drankhead" on this one but guess what, he doesn't give a damn.

Most Memorable Line: "I'm in love with a 20 oz Big Red with a three up in that bitch/some ya'll say I'm a drank head/ I'll drank a straight four, five, six/ And I guess I really am/ But I don't give damn"

18. Fat Pat, "Let's Call Up On Drank"
Yet another late S.U.C. member, Fat Pat joins Mike D to let us all know who he wants to call on. This 1996 freestyle became a classic with a line that was used in a Lil Flip song years later.

Most Memorable Lines: "I love drank/ So what they talkin' 'bout/ I'm from the South/ I got them diamonds in my mouth"

"It ain't too late/ It's just 7 in the mornin'"

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Jesse Sendejas
Jesse Sendejas

y'all can say what y'all want about lean, but you got to give it up for any list with Z-Ro on it repeatedly

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