Top 10 Bars, Clubs & Ice Houses in Greater Heights

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As our sister blog Eating...Our Words does, from time to time Rocks Off will be giving your our picks for the top taverns in various Houston-area neighborhoods. Of course, the lines can be porous, but here anything with a TABC license that cannot reasonably be considered either a restaurant or a live-music venue is fair game.

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10. Jimmy's Ice House
No frills, bells or whistles and no reason to visit besides cheap, cold beer and a relaxed atmosphere, this ice house just down the street from Fitzgerald's has become one of my favorites since moving into the area.

If you don't feel like showering after being in the Houston heat all day but you still want a cold one (or a glass of wine, if that's your thing), head on over to Jimmy's. The staff will get you one out of their Igloo. Grab a seat on one of the picnic tables and feel free to light up just about anywhere besides the bathroom, thanks to this dive's open-air setup.

2803 White Oak, 713-861-9707

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9. Onion Creek
Coffee, cold beer and comfort food have made this White Oak eatery and ice house a staple in the community, and the hot dogs and Frito pies have only furthered its reputation. Suit-and-tie types rub shoulders with bearded bikers as flannel shirts make their way back and forth between the bar and their seats.

There's plenty of patio seating and, inside, a few cushy seats and an old Pac-Man machine that doubles as a table. Whether you're looking to drink and nibble on a lazy Sunday or knock back a few too many on a Friday night, Onion Creek has an unassuming atmosphere that you're sure to enjoy.

3106 White Oak, 713-880-0706,

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8. Down House
This refurbished bank turned restaurant and mildly upscale bar is a bit hard to peg. In the mornings, it offers some of the best breakfast you can find in the Heights. In the afternoon, its patio is the perfect setting for a drink or two to go alongside your burger.

And, in the evenings, it becomes a late-night hangout, better known for its cocktails than its beers. Switching back and forth will get you where you need to be without your wallet suffering too much, but you've really got to try some of the drinks on Down House's menu. On tap, you'll find plenty of Texas beers, too.

1801 Yale, 713-864-3696,

Location Info


Jimmy's Ice House - CLOSED

2803 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Onion Creek

3106 White Oak, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Down House

1801 Yale, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Big Star Bar

1005 W. 19th, Houston, TX

Category: Music

The Petrol Station

985 Wakefield, Houston, TX

Category: Music


2310 Decatur St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Plonk Beer & Wine Bistro

1214 W. 43rd St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Shiloh Club

1321 Studewood, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Shady Tavern Ice House

1206 W. 20th, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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