Viva La Dome! Check Out These Old Concert Tickets

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Sir Paul was here at the Dome 20 years ago next month.
The close of RodeoHouston's season gives us all a respite from having to look at the adjacent Astrodome while we eat our third turkey leg and wait for our turn on the Ferris wheel. Truth be told, some of us can just stare at the Dome for hours without a problem, myself included.


Digging Around the All-But-Abandoned Astrodome

According to a Fox 26 News report Tuesday afternoon, both the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Houston Texans are recommending demolition.

87 madonna whos that girl tour houston.JPG
While Tumbling the other night, I found a pocket of old Astrodome concert tickets from when the likes of Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Metallica and Guns N' Roses could pack the Dome on large-scale tours.

Of course, our friend Bruce Kessler at has some great shots from those tours and more on his site, and a nifty collection of ticket stubs to boot. Check out the staging for the 1984 Jacksons tour. Yeesh.

I posted some of them on the Rocks Off Facebook wall a few nights back and the response was ecstatic, with fans sharing their own stories of the shows. Not too bad for posting a few snapshots of concert tickets late in the evening.

I immediately went searching for more to gander at, which are presented here. Please tell us your Dome concert stories. I think my last Dome show was Bob Dylan's RodeoHouston gig in 2002.

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NRG Astrodome

8400 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX

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Magic Mike is a great film.


Well, I first visited the Astrodome in 1965, but I know that ticket is long gone.  The first concert was on 11/18/87, Pink Floyd w/o Waters (if this can be construed as Pink Floyd).  I'm an odd duck.  People have always complained about the sound in the Astrodome as if the shape has something to do with the acoustics. With modern equipment & a knowledge of sound engineering, the sound can be outstanding as it was for this concert.  

gossamersixteen topcommenter

I still have my ticket stub from when Sammy Sosa (Cubs) hit number 65.  Too bad it was tainted by PED's..

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